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The best kept secret in music


"Spring comes early Best Album Ottawa Xpress 2006"

Though this glorious statement of musical precision may seem like an odd choice to come out on top of other admirable Ottawa efforts, one listen to My Dad vs Yours' After Winter Must Come Spring disproves all doubts. Each note has been dutifully put in place and it seems the slightest breeze could alter the precarious beauty of each song. Even more amazing is that this post-rock-influenced five-piece had a mere EP under their belts before they accomplished the sublime moods that shine through every layered guitar note and crashing climax of this debut. Constant gigging and a low-key approachability never hurt when trying to win over the locals, either. This is the soundtrack to a future when the city comes out of its caves and thinks again of the blossoming seasons ahead. In that way, this is not just the musical equivalent of change, but of the one thing this city sorely needs: hope. My Dad vs Yours headline XPress' Best of Ottawa party on Friday, November 24, at Barrymore's, 8 p.m., $8 /$10 - Ottawa Xpress Best album of 2006

"After Winter Must come Spring Chart Mag Review"

Straight out of the basements of northern Ontario and southern Quebec come My Dad vs. Yours, who are here to let you in on their own homespun version of transcendental meditation they've been practicing for the last few years. "No big deal," you can almost see them saying, "We just invented the sort of masterful meditation practiced in the east by accident with our electric guitars." The band need no words to get their point across, just soaring, searing guitars, energetic but well-spaced drums, interesting jangly riffs, and perfectly paced song structures. Though they certainly don't adhere to any one genre, My Dad can generally be described as atmospheric, instrumental and exploratory-- which always kind of got my mon in a tiff. - Chart Magazine

"After Winter Must come Spring Exclaim! Review"

These Ottawa residents having been flying low on the post-rock radar for some time now, but hopefully this will change with this meticulously crafted album. Indeed, “crafted” is the key word as the laser-like precision by which these songs work their magic is to be commended, yet it might have the effect of feeling sanitised. Take the incredible “In My Arms We Shall Begin,” which is underwhelming at the start with its repeating guitar chords and steady drum beat, yet slowly the band unhinge until the end explodes with the requisite emotion. An addition to this full-length is electronic elements, which never dominate but only burble below the surface to provide another source of tension, which is best heard on the almost danceable “The Harder We Work…” It is important to note, though, that the deliberate nature of this music should not detract. All it means is that these people care highly about both the music and the emotions being conveyed. They don’t want to mess about and experiment, since they have a job to do. It is actually that dedication that shines through and makes this album a lovely soundtrack to both the blooming flowers and the re-emergence of people to a snow-less world. - Exclaim!


"in my arms we shall begin" (isan remix)

After Winter Must Come Spring LP
Winning hearts and Minds EP

"Habla Paisano" from "After winter must come spring" had college radio airplay and was used in Superbowl 2008.


Feeling a bit camera shy


With their first full length, My Dad vs Yours force down post-rock barricades to a state where pop melodies take precedence over orchestral crescendos; where electronic beats, slide guitar and shoegaze co-exist in vibrant harmony; where instrumentals can incite sing-alongs. Recorded over the marrow-chilling months of 2005-06, After Winter Must Come Spring is tulips pushing through a late thaw. It is the sound of intense expectation that focuses not on escape but upon communal re-alignment. Though not a movement, it draws upon the social energies behind one: sometimes sullen, often celebratory, always self-aware and questioning boundaries.

After Winter Must Come Spring was recorded and mixed by Howard Bilerman & Efrim Menuck at Montreal's Hotel2Tango (Wolf Parade, Arcade Fire, Godspeed You! Black Emperor).

The first My Dads EP, Winning Hearts and Minds, earned the group sound indie credibility: They taped two songs for Canada's underground art program, ZedTV; the album was released through Duotone Records in Japan; and it received regular airplay by American radio guru, Nic Harcourt.