My Darling Bird

My Darling Bird

 Seattle, Washington, USA

My Darling Bird is a new band bringing an old sound to a new ear. The Band does not hold to a specific pattern of sound. My Darling Bird has a Classic Reggae, Bob Marley sound with the modern feel and a twist of Rock, Messianic, Acoustic collection.


My Darling Bird is a new band bringing an old sound to a new ear. The Band does not hold to a specific pattern of sound.
They came together in a very organic way. Four guys each from Washington, Idaho, South Carolina, and Oregon hungout together to play music. Two song writers, three vocalist and Four great musicians later had unconsiously formed My Darling Bird. Different members of the band have caught the attention of industry professionals like Hootie and the Blowfish and Spoken. The Band's range of influence is very electic. With their influences being: Muse, Matisyahu, Lincoln Brewster, Bob Marley, Dustin Kensrue and Norm Stockton. My Darling Bird is ready to play some really good tunes and see some very respectable airwave time.



Written By: Matt Fiock

Sail unwed bodies
This journey it burns my palms.
Take anchor my beloved
Crying gets lost at deep sea.
Blast your Fire, your fire at me
Then please raise your surrender

Believe, Believe, Believe
You want no other

Prepare the sinking to slip, down, deep.
Deep Calls unto deep.

Till the End

Written By: Matt Fiock

“It’s everyday
you save me from myself”
Being real and so right
Ruin follows me
all the days of my life
“Don’t want your time
manifested in here”

Till the end of my days
Till the end you’re with me

My heart beats intense for the coming of your romance.
It’s your persistence that leads me to this instance.
It’s the death of you so let the music hit me.
Let’s Keep it clear of who I’m serving here.

Frontline Music Man

Written By: Matt Fiock

I’m not of this earth
so I march against
Battle voice music hands are in league
Vicious of my strings
and dangers of the tongue

Pre Chorus
Trumpets to break your back
Drummers to numb your mind
Words to finish your heart

Lift it up and hold the lines shout aloud to God Captain.
Raise your fist and
shake the ground
Loose that fell song
through hell’s helm

And I say praise be to the Lord
The Rock who trains
my hands for war
My fingers for battle


September 10, 2010 My Darling Bird Released a self titled EP.

Set List

A typical set is one performance, 50 minute, 9 song gig.
A typical set list is:
1. Deep
2.Till the End
3. Front Line Musicman
4. A Man Called Compromise
5. Violent Prince
6. For Beginning Me
7. Undertow
8. Marred in the Hands
9. Chariot