My Dear Alan Andrews

My Dear Alan Andrews


I'm sitting in a hallway off the citadel of mass destruction- there is a mountain valley in front of us, as we descend, on the cusp of an early December snow, that too few have known


Former folk project of Singer Songwriter Colin Taylor


The Bottom of Spoon River (March 2009)
(Colin Taylor- acoustic guitar, vocals, uke, mandolin banjo. Paul Mason- percussion)
1. Telephone lines
2. Egregious Harpoon
3. Neptunium
4. Two Moons Ago
5. Do Not Move
6. Telephone Lines

E T H O S (2009):
(Colin Taylor- Guitars/Harmonica, Banjo, Drums/Percussion, Vocals, Bass, Piano) (Drew Sampson- Guitars, Vocals, Slide Guitar) (Gautam Srikishan- Strings, Whistle) (Skip Tanley- Banjo) (Bo Baxter- Drums/percussion) (Casey Clemens- Piano) (Rusty Winchell- Bass)
(Ben Rouse- Whistle)
(Courtney Howell - Ethos paintings)

Track listing:
1. The Sorrowful Sower
2. A Keen Opposition
3. A Sudden Upsurge; A Slow Decay
4. The Polarization
5. A Dividen, A Divider, The Outsider- That Whiskey Won't Settle
6. Midnight on the Surface of the Sun
7. The Appointment
8. The Blossoms
9. Great Books of the Western World
10. Subtle Fight, Courageous Night
11. John. J. Scarecrow

Set List

Solo sets are usually 45-75 minutes.

Quartet (full band) sets are usually 45-60 minutes.

Trio sets have varied from 45 min- 3hours.