My Dear Enemy

My Dear Enemy

 Ashtabula, Ohio, USA

My Dear Enemy is a progressive hard rock band that blends driving guitars, complex rhythms, and social commentary. The band's music has been described as hot, new and inventive.


My Dear Enemy was formed in August of 2006. The band consists of Corey Campbell (vocals and guitar), Kevin Slocum (guitar), Frank Spano (Bass), and Jared Winer (drums). Each of the members came from various local bands to combine their experiences and influences to create a sound that is all their own. This sound has been described as “Tool meets Pink Floyd and The Smashing Pumpkins”.
My Dear Enemy’s songs are complex yet accessible with great hooks that attract a fan base that spans both teenagers and their parents. My Dear Enemy is a hard rock band that fans of heavy metal and classic rock love. Lyrically, the songs are a social commentary on their views of everyday life, politics, and the decay of social conscious. The band takes pride that they take their time in the song writing process and not finishing a song until the song is exactly what they envision.
My Dear Enemy is a hard working unit that has the desire to bring their music to the masses. They have played over 100 shows in their 2 years of existence and are considered a very good live band. They have shared the stage with national touring bands, Clutch, Fu Manchu, ZO2, Life of Agony, Sponge, and Mushroomhead.


My Dear Enemy released their first full length album on Nov. 11th 2008. They currently have numerous songs in regular rotation at 107.5 the Fox in Ashtabula, Ohio.

Set List

We can play 3 full sets of music which includes original music plus many great cover songs.
1. Bulletcatcher
2. Evolution's Disaster
3. Reciprosity
4. Hey, Nero
5. 21 Grams
6. My Dear Enemy
7. Airplow
8. Gun In Your Hand
9. Flatlander
10. Three
Some of the Artists Covered
Michael Jackson
Foo Fighters
Neil Diamond
Pink Floyd
The Doors
Buffalo Springfield
Pearl Jam