My Device

My Device


My Device make a frantic, fiery, racket, full of passion, glee, joy, and anxiety. The ultimate party band, My Device won't fail to make you move your feet, gnash your teeth, and get on heat!


Forming 3 years ago out of a mutual desire to play good pop songs faster and louder than anyone else, My Device quickly garnered a reputation for their chaotic and intense live shows. After touring the UK extensively to promote their self-released EP, "Mendoza!" they were picked form a list of 10,000 other acts as the winners of the prestigious's SONY WALKMAN BREAKING BAND competion. The Panel of judges were comprised of some of the most prominant figures in British music, such as former head of Creation Records Alan McGee, and members of Bloc Party. The prize for winning was to support Kasabian at the massive 10th Birthday party at KOKO in London. Since then the band have released their debut album "Nervous System" through Indie-legends Shifty Disco Records, which was met with extremely positive reviews, and their new single "Eat Lead" will be coming out at the end of February. Advance reviews of "Eat Lead" have already sited the band as "One of the most excitingb new bands in Britain"...(Disorder Magazine).


Eat Lead

Written By: Todd Jordan

You're not afraid are you?
Don't be afraid!
You're burning brightly 'cos your hearts aflame.
Every action is electrical.
Your neons buzzing and your in control.
You've got drive and you've got class.
You've gotta go gotta go gotta go real fast!

T-t-t-tonight is a
a pretty girl who wants you to kiss her!
Why are you waiting mister?
This is a blank cheque!
This is a bullet proof vest!
And your lifes not over yet.
Why don't you come and get it?
The ebb and flow of a guy on the go, can't be killed with conventional weapons and can't be controlled.
The city the city is an
offer you can't refuse
Super Head!
Simon says "let them Eat Lead"!

Tonight tonight tonight you
are made of glittering metal
You are the fever sweat
that only mad men get
But that is irrelevant
The cream will rise to the top
and your the cream of the crop!


Mendoza - Self Released (rare!)
Nervous System - Debut album on Shifty Disco. Many tracks from this have recieved national radio play, as well as having been streamed on the internet as part of various podcasts.
Eat Lead - single on shifty disco. Has not yet been released but has already picked up airtime on Radio One, and Radio Six.

Set List

Typical Setlist:

1) Get on like a house on fire
2) Life is a blast
3) Eat Lead
4) Mybear
5) I was brave today
6) Dance
7) Fixxa Uppa
8) The Bad Boy Of Mockingbird Heights
9) Super Tonio
10) Slamming Doors

all songs by My Device. Rough set time, 30 minutes.