My Double, My Brother

My Double, My Brother

 Fullerton, California, USA

My Double, My Brother is a 5 piece indie band based out of Los Angeles, taking influence from bands such as Arcade Fire, Death Cab for Cutie and Fleet Foxes. The band has done 2 tours to promote the 6 song EP they released in early 2009 and is set to release a full-length album in March.


My Double, My Brother is a five-piece indie band that holds on to a profound hope in a seemingly despairing world. Based in La Mirada, CA, a small city outside Los Angeles, the band was formed at Biola University where all currently attend school. The group is comprised of front-man and guitarist Joel Hasemeyer, pianist and multi-instrumentalist Linzy Spann, guitarist Andy Leong, bassist Evan Eliason, and drummer Matt Bushyeager, who was added to the lineup in September 2009.

With the exception of Bushyeager, the whole band came into school and met as music majors in August 2007, and soon began leading worship for their peers on campus. After a year of playing together, My Double, My Brother found their passions and talents best exemplified in the creative process of writing music. Taking influence from bands such as Arcade Fire, Anathallo, Death Cab for Cutie and Fleet Foxes, the band managed to write and record a six song EP in early 2009.

With their debut album “Lift Your Heads and Rejoice!” the band has created art that pleases the ears and speaks to the soul. Singing songs with paradoxes of loss for gain, laments of hind-sighted rebellion and anthems of incomprehensible grace, My Double, My Brother seems to have touched on the timeless concepts of humanity. From the guitar-driven, celestial-painted, “O, We Shall Rejoice!” to the pulsing, tambourine shaking, make-you-want-to-dance song, “The Parade,” a wide spectrum of styles and influences have found a cohesive and harmonious effort in My Double, My Brother.

With three tours completed and an established place earned in Southern California's indie music scene, the band continues in their endeavor to share their songs with as many people as possible, all the while maintaining a passionate desire to create new and good music. “We strive to create great music and great art because we are all called to live beyond mediocrity. Our creative skills, gifts, and talents are not excuses to skate by with ‘good enough,’ but they are commodities that demand to be developed into excellence,” says Leong. Hasemeyer comments, “We have received grace and love far beyond what we deserve, and one of our most passionate responses to these gifts is to merely rejoice.” In the coming year the band plans to continue touring and playing local shows, all while recording their first full-length album, set to release in the late Fall.


Lift Your Heads and Rejoice! EP

Set List

A typical set includes an hour of original music.

A Mighty Storm is Rising
Awake My Soul!
Ashes, Ashes
I Only Dream of Places Now
The Land That Drinks the Rain
The Parade
The Poison I Let Up
The Waltz
O, We Shall Rejoice!
Specks of Black
We Watched It Burn
We'll Watch Them Fade Away