My Dying Wish
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My Dying Wish

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"In a word...ROCK!"

I have a fear that is founded in my seven year radio career. During those seven years I have been handed more unsigned CD's than I care to think about. It has yielded me cringing every time I am asked to do a review like this. The second the CD hits my hands my mind starts to wonder what eye-lined, whiny, tweener crap I am going to have to suffer through. However, there are the diamonds in the rough. Bands that ignore what is popular and play the music they like. Bands like My Dying Wish.

In a day that punk rock is dead and metal is finally starting to recover from the rap-metal disaster My Dying Wish brings the rock. A powerhouse voice fronts this band. A singer who sings, finally! Their sound is tight and their production is incredible for their first five song CD. The changes in the songs you never see coming. Mild tempo gives way to a bit of speed and back again before you even realize you are on the journey. The dash of electronic music they use to lead off a few songs brings it all home. Right when you might think you have heard this before, it 180's on you.

In short, if you are as tired as I am of Jesus wearing make-up and wining through bad punk rock music or people ripping off the Queens of the Stone Age, look no further. My Dying Wish, the true return of the rock. It will remain in my CD changer until they put out a full length album. Fans of rock should not miss this welcome sound in a sea of garbage music. Thank you boys for renewing my faith in new music.

- Keith Stuart, Revolver Magazine


New EP
My Dying Wish - The Shape of Things to Come

Currently we can be heard on an unsigned internet radio station as well as WVMM Messiah College Radio 90.7.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Fate is a word that suggests chance or luck. Many believe that when something magical or coincidental happens that it simply is fate. When Loren, Tyler, Ditt and Chris got together to form My Dying Wish it was something more than magic or destiny, it was the very reason for their lives.

The magic that happens between these five friends or better yet, family when they get together in a room cannot be expressed by mere words. It is something that must be felt, viewed, heard, breathed and taken in. MDW is able to connect with each other, and in turn unite with fans and audiences like no other. When you experience a MDW show you leave feeling better than you did going in. All your baggage, even if only for an hour is left at the door. You’re able to experience life in its simplicity like it is meant to be. MDW sings about real life, touching on issues that we have all gone through. Their songs get down to the heart of each subject, exposing all truths whether we want to admit them or not. After all, truth isn’t necessarily what we believe in, but rather what is real.

It was over four winters ago that Loren started writing the first chords and lyrics to what makes up the majority of the music that MDW is playing today. After years of cutting and pasting songs and lyrics together he was ready to take the music to another level. Finding the other members of the group (for the first time ever) came together quickly and naturally. It wasn’t long after meeting Tyler that his life-long-best-friend Ditt (Adam) joined. The three started practicing and writing using all creative influences to shape and mold the songs that are heard today. After playing shows for a few months as a four piece the final ingredient was added to MDW, its voice. Loren walked away from lead vocals and Chris stepped up to the plate. Once these five members were together it was like looking at a finished painting for the first time. One brush stroke different and it wouldn’t look quite complete.

Fresh off the release of their self-titled EP, MDW pushes forward gathering more steam with each passing day. With their music maturing, stage show becoming flashier, fan-base growing larger one thing remains the same for MDW. To never give up, never give in, embrace the positive, always strive forward and realize that “As long as we hold on, we’ll become what we’re meant to be.”