London, England, GBR

“People who like the madder side of Bowie will revel in the art-school thinking behind this remarkable record. “ Artrocker "One of the greatest successes of this record is Myernark's ability to fold world-rhythms into their music. This gives some of the songs an earthy ethnic feel…” The Mag


Myernark began as a solo project in London by Jonathan Young. It has since grown to include his conductor brother Michael and the half Guyanese, half English son-of-a-beauty queen architect Rion Willard. Recorded over the last 2 years, the self titled debut album started life as just rhythm and melody etched onto a computer. A background in drumming, rather than the guitar, provided the basis for a minimalist sound, engorged by improvised vocal harmony. While the resulting surface pointers for the ears might be legends such as The Cure, Depeche Mode and David Bowie, this does rough justice to the originality and range of the music; it likewise so with the sometimes heard alternative Myernark label (however more apt this might be) of ‘feral seductive pop…’


Myernark LP - Myern TV 2009

Dance with me, Find me - Club Bizarre, Radio Darmstadt

Set List

45 minute set: 7 - 8 songs

Dance with me
Love the Way
Dale's Song