My Escapade

My Escapade


Songs labelled "energised","well composed" and "hauntingly beautiful"
(Rave Magazine)

Penetrates from a first listen","a smorgasbord of potential hits"
(Channel 7 Producer)

Performance marked as "captivating","a strong and emotive set from start to finish"
(Timeoff Magazine)


Since the release of their debut EP Soul's Reflection in February 2010 alternative rock band My Escapade have had a year that most emerging artists would envy: including record breaking downloads as iTunes Single of the Week (April 2010) and music synchronization opportunities with television networks and series (Seven Network & Australia's Greatest Athlete). Their music has been labelled as "energised", "well composed" and "hauntingly beautiful" (Rave Magazine, Brisbane), and the band's live show is "quick to garner attention" performing with a "comfortable, self-assured presence justified with a strong and emotive set from start to finish", (Time Off, Brisbane).

My Escapade dates back to early 2007, where brothers Jason and Simon James began rehearsing in an abandoned school, in Burnie Tasmania, with comrades Chris van Tholen and Alan Forrest. The band soon started performing all around their home state, establishing their local fan base whilst developing their sound, live presence and recording their first demos.

In 2010 the band left their island-state, basing themselves in Queensland, to strengthen ties with management and support the release of their debut EP Soul’s Reflection. This move also allowed for greater access to a larger variety of live music venues and a competitive independent music scene. Soul's Reflection was globally released through digital distribution agent Musicadium, and is available on iTunes, Nokia Music and Amazon, as well as many other online music stores.

On Soul's Reflection My Escapade worked with Sydney’s 301 studios and Australian producer Greg Stace. The EP achieved notable success for an independent artist, receiving regular community radio play across Australia with the help of Amrap and the AirIT program. Soul's Reflection gained favourable airplay throughout NSW, Victoria, WA and SA. In support of the EP launch the band also played at the inaugural Conrad Jupiters Cricket Challenge and in April My Escapade featured as an headline artist at the National Youth Week Launch in Victor Harbor, South Australia, as well as featuring on Southern Cross Ten's Landed Music, showcasing their music clips ‘All That Confronts You’ and 'A Whisper'.

In late 2010 My Escapade spent time in the studio to work on the follow-up EP to Soul's Reflection. Acclaimed Australian producer, Paul McKercher, who has previously worked with established artists such as Eskimo Joe, Sarah Blasko and Little Birdy, mixed the 6 songs with the band. My Escapade chose to send the tracks to the UK for mastering by John Davis, who has worked with artists such as Florence and The Machine - 'Lungs', and Editors - 'An End Has a Start'. My Escapade plans to release the Painted Faces EP in March 2011.

My Escapade has chosen to develop their sound, live show, and touring experience domestically before attempting to secure a series of showcase gigs in the UK in mid 2011.

The My Escapade sound is reminiscent of isolation and wilderness, with a unique arrangement that possesses similar elements, such as floating vocals, layered synths and delayed guitars, not dissimilar to the ambience of Australia's breakthrough artist The Tempertrap. The music is performed with through backs to Thom Yorke, and a sound derived from early Radiohead, with subtle mainstream lashings of Muse.

My Escapade Contact Details:
Band Members: Jason Lucas (vocals, guitar), Simon Lucas (drums), Alan Forrest (keyboards, backing vocals), Chris van Tholen (bass guitar, backing vocals)


Management Contact Information:
Manager: Jonathan Tibbits (White Cub Management)
Email (band):



Written By: My Escapade

Hope is abandoned, peace never landed
The worlds eyes are turning away from us, from us

The earth stopped her turning, sun gave no morning
Moonlight painted faces trust no one, no one

Her eyes, they are a storm, they speak the words
They’re all I’m hearing now

Hope is abandoned, peace never landed
Neighbors’ say their hands are tied from us, no luck

In circles above us, awaiting like vultures
Dividing the spoils of our lot, corrupt

Her eyes, they are a storm, they speak the words
They’re all I’m hearing, how
can we decide who lives or dies?
She’s all I’m hearing now

The sun it rose slowly that day
Ashamed to find what her light displayed
Was this the place that she once knew in the garden

Brothers and sisters of every race
Finding a brand new way to hate
Black is white and white is grey when there’s no love

Thunder clap ‘cross broken sky
The veil is torn to a mothers cries
You gave your word you sold your lies and betrayed us all

There is a light, beyond these hills
Times quickly gone, these 60 years
When love returns it is fulfilled
My hope restored, every tear

Soldier Child

Written By: My Escapade

I am on the ocean
I am in the sky
I went so far to find myself
Searching far and wide

Place me on a life boat
Floating with the clouds
If this is all you want then I
Will give it up somehow

There is no beginning
And there will be no end
I went so far to find myself
And this is where I am

Standing at a cross roads
Each path is a dead end
If this all you want then I
Will give it up my friend

Please don’t go forward
Please don’t go back
You are right where I want you
So stay on track

My heart it has run heavy
Though my soul it travels light
With nothing here to count your tears
Have I reached the start?

I’m giving all I’ve got now
I’m sending out the word
Destiny paved me mystery
I’ll take all I can learn

Please don’t go forward
Please don’t go back
You are right where I want you
So stay on track

Easy going soldier child
Raging battles soon destroy


My Escapade (Demo) - 2009
Soul's Reflection (EP) - 2010
Painted Faces (EP) - 2011

Set List

Soldier Child
Of A Future
Mechanical Love
Ligtht House
It's Your Move
All That Confronts You
A Whisper
The Rest Of Me
Yet To Find
Heaven's Kisses
Man Down