my ex is dead

my ex is dead


erase erata vs. unwound. megadeth influenced riot grrl-infused. classically trained pianist accompanied by distorted guitar-riffs, insane drumming, and the fiercest female screamer in the past decade


Dancing at the edge of empire and straddling borders, My Ex Is Dead is Hawaii's most eccentric four-piece. Masquerading as a carnival ride, their sound draws upon various sub-genres, mixing metal with classical piano, part-satire, mostly political, their music transcends definition. Composed of Hawaii underground music scene veterans, their live show reinforces why they have been called "the only band in Hawaii that matters".


Situated: Writing From Nowhere

Written By: my ex is dead

i write from nowhere
all penned in brown
blue through my veins
as the color surrounds
shattered chest pump for no ends
tilled and toiled all through my days

dance at the edge of empire
left my feet cold
the rhythms are too hard to keep to our lives retold (to the sound of our bodies being sold)

you did it once
you'll do it again
betting, playing, a rigged game you'll never win
a song for rain
our glory to be discontent
cloaked in your histories

culture torn to shreds
you leave me behind
you leave me for dead
and our souls are all read

It's Your Funeral

Written By: my ex is dead

a woman without a man
is like a fish without a bicycle
but the tires are all flat
and i don't mean to dismiss
what you like
what you do
who you are
is who you do

the victors write the history
so what if we took it back
and made these images
that could change wrong facts

its all the investments
that i can't afford
but even if its not matured
it's what i'll claim

Machine in the Garden

Written By: my ex is dead

dystopia's arrival on the heals of your cries
forces us to realize
the dream was no defense
the dream was your defense
machines in the garden
with no landscape
no laws no institutions
you mean to say that there is nothing

in the scene
resisting the domination of the machine

it is in the thinness
the passivity
holding the germs of our resistance

monotony of acquiesence by the look of the universal
the fantasies we emrbaced
a creation of an ultimate race


dangerous liaisons, LP (2005)

the album was the most played album of 2005 on honolulu's college radio station, KTUH.

Set List

set is usually about half an hour, set as follows:

machine in the garden
the state of asian-america
the carnival
trail of tears
a traditional mission
claims office
its your funeral
the continent
situated: writing from nowhere

we don't do full covers, but have at times, performed pharoah monch's "simon says" and britney spear's "toxic"