My Eyes Fall Victim

My Eyes Fall Victim

 Newton, New Jersey, USA

My Eyes Fall Victim is a post-hardcore band with a positive message from North Jersey. Their brand new full-length "We Are All Without Merit" is bouncing around the internet like a beachball at a Nickelback concert. Think Underoath meets We Came As Romans meets As Cities Burn.


If you find yourself growing tired of the unwarranted “tough guy” image within the hardcore scene these days, help is on the way. There has been little to no musical variety coming out lately. Every breakdown just seems to blend with the next. Well, leave it to a group of guys from northern New Jersey to change things up, and this time it’s for the better.
Formed in April of 2007, My Eyes Fall Victim is comprised of five friends from Newton, New Jersey. Brothers Michael(Vocals) and Daniel King(Guitar) teamed up with Evan Vinjamuri (Keys), Steve Glesias(Drums), and Alex Branchik(Bass) to create the natural sound they exhibit today. Many of their biggest influences include innovative bands such as Underoath, A Day to Remember, and Our Last Night. "When it comes to songwriting,” vocalist Michael King says, “we just write the music that we would want to hear. Kids are smart. They can tell when something's forced, so we just stay true to ourselves and write what's in our hearts."
My Eyes Fall Victim have been striving to establish themselves as a solid act outside of their small town in Sussex County. In January of 2010, they embarked on a self-booked 10 day tour which led them through seven states. They continue to play as many venues as possible in support of their new full-length We Are All Without Merit.
We Are All Without Merit, an album about the need for everyone to learn how to co-exist, was recorded at Blackout Studios with producer Kevin Kumetz and features twelve original songs that are sure to stick in anyone’s head without any intention of leaving. It is inescapably hard not to sing, scream, and chant along with the album’s brutally honest lyrics about personal failure and the lack of love amongst human beings. Catchy choruses are followed by hard-hitting breakdowns in songs like “We Are All Without Merit” and “The Poor Servant of a Poor Master,” while the group lets their relaxed side shine through in inventive instrumental tracks like “Nothing But the Shadows of Images” and “They Have Taken With Them the World.” Whatever the track, We Are All Without Merit delicately blends the best elements of hard and soft genres. "I'd say that there's a certain element of truth and integrity to be found in our music,” King says. “We're not afraid to end an otherwise brutal song with a piano ballad if that's what the music communicates to us. Everybody else is trying to keep themselves within these invisible boundary lines between genres, but not us. That wouldn't be fair to the music."
Like their music, My Eyes Fall Victim is all about integrity. So if you are looking to escape the abundance of testosterone-filled “tough guy” bands plaguing the hardcore scene, look no further. My Eyes Fall Victim is a group of sincere guys playing sincere music, and their CD is your new safe haven. In short, this is just the record that hardcore needed.


"We Are All Without Merit" - 2011
-LP, 12 tracks
-Singles: “We Are All Without Merit,” “My Dark Passenger,” “The Poor Servant of a Poor Master,” and “Small Gates.”

"My Eyes Fall Victim" - 2009
-EP, 7 tracks
-Singles: "This Picture Is Only Worth 999 Words," and "Smooth Seas Make for Poor Sailors."