My Fairweather Friends
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My Fairweather Friends


Band Alternative Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Landon Ginnings"

Dude. The new band (My Fairweather Friends) rules. Made me so happy to hear the punk beat kick it all off. - guitarist of Showbread


Still working on that hot first release.



Four guys write a few songs, hop into a van, and live the American Dream...

...maybe I should elaborate on that a little bit more, huh?

...I suppose this is the part where we are supposed to tell you what makes us the greatest band of all time. How if the perfect blend of songwriting prowess of The Beatles, the vocal talent of The Beach Boys, the lyrical greatness of Bob Dylan were all combined with the showmanship of Freddie Mercury we would be that band, or something along those lines, right? But honestly, who would we be kidding? We're not a band that's trying to create a new genre of music. We're not that original. We definitely aren't trying to reinvent the wheel.. not at all.. actually I'd say we are more or less spinning that son of a bitch in it's place. We just write songs that we enjoy. They're the same four chords you've heard a million times before. And although some would say that makes us unoriginal I'd say there's probably a reason you've heard those same four chords a million times already.

We're not out to try and 'dominate' every show we play. It's not a competition to us. That's a young man's game, and well... we're not THAT young anymore. Not that we're old. I mean, twenties definitely aren't considered old by most standards, it's just that when you are young and naive, you feel the need to have to be the best that ever was, and honestly, short of being Lennon or McCartney, that's probably not going to happen. We've been doing this in various other bands for quite some time, but at this point, we would much prefer to make friends, and have a good time at every show, then we would to feel the need to treat it like a battle of the bands every time out. Been there, done that. Glad that I don't see things in that way anymore.

I hope that's not taken the wrong way. I don't want to make it sound like we don't give a shit, because that's the furthest thing from the truth. We definitely want to make this a career. We want to write the best songs we can. We want to work as hard as we can to get where we hope to go. We want to be the best band that we can be, and we want the most fans that we can make along the way. It's just that we'd like to do it the right way.

And although I can't guarantee that we will ever write songs as great as the bands mentioned above, I can guarantee that we love what we do, and that we honestly hope that you love it, too.