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My Fatal Pride - Spit Yourself a Heartbreak, 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Fashioned after lives of love and misadventure, My Fatal Pride is an offering of ROCK N' ROLL TRAGEDY, boyish charm and sexy Mythology. The 'Spit Yourself a Heartbreak' album is the creation of true rock n' rollers in an era of manufactured hits.

The source of luminescence from the group cannot be attributed to only one single factor. It is a combination of EMOTIONAL, DEFIANT, PHILOSOPHICAL lyrics; and a melodic modern sound influenced by the ROCK N' ROLL GIANTS that stood before them.

Madixx provides the group with a rhythm style that crosses multiple genres including Rock, Punk, Metal, Country and Blues, yet never straying far from his grounded roots in gritty hard-driving bluesy rock. Madixx' passion for songwriting and a style known as unconventional tempers well with Emanual's own love of songwriting and philosophical mindset.

Emanual's vocal stylings are at times aggressive and other times mysteriously sweet and captivating. Layers of HOOKY AND EMOTIONAL lyrical content captivate then further explore the multiple meanings and messages revealing the real beauty of the groups lyrics. Emanual Jade's stage persona is reminiscent of the early days of Rock preening with an androgynous style featuring makeup, boas, strong vocals and an unpredictably spontaneous performance. All the trappings that define Rock N' Roll.

Emanual was on a search for the souls that were on the same path. After listening to Madixx' independently released albums Emanual knew he found his guy. Jade convinced him to move across the country and join the formation of MFP. With enough cash for a pack of smokes and a plane ticket, Madixx made the move. What started as a musical collaboration turned into a union of blood for the two. Jade and Madixx having nothing to lose, dropped their jobs, their relationships, and everything they had in their lives to start a search throughout North America to find the rest of the gang and to lay down recordings for their debut album.

Along the way they had acquired some incredible talent in Orlando, Florida to contribute to the music including a true rocker, DC. With Dc producing, as well as playing his signature leads on numerous recordings their sound was coming together quickly. However, the band was running in to trouble. With no money, no food, and no place to stay they were living off the graces of whoever would put up with them while they forged ahead. They bounced in and out of seedy hotels, multiple living rooms, garages, and rehearsal spaces with the mission to finish the 'Spit Yourself a Heartbreak' album.

One semi-permanent home for the group was a rehearsal space in Orlando they called the Black Cave. A small room with no windows, no running water, and always filled with smoke. The Black Cave became a home and haven for the band during their driven months of writing and recording. Eventually the bounce lead back up north to Vancouver where the album "Spit Yourself a Heartbreak" was completed.

With their debut album complete the group immediately went to work on an acoustic album called Angel Drift - coming soon.