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"Top bands for 2009"

THE STORY SO FAR: After two years of college, Dave Cook (vocals, piano, guitar) was feeling uninspired. He dropped the books and formed My Favorite Highway with his cousin, Will Cook (bass), in 2005. "We wrote a few songs and it just so happened that everyone seemed to love them," Dave says. The band, rounded out to a five-piece, have released two EPs and just finished their first tour with the Morning Light.

WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW 'EM: My Favorite Highway play a tight blend of piano-laced, emo-lite pop, their live show has already won press accolades, and the band aren't afraid to aim for the big leagues. "No two songs are really the same," says Dave. "I think that's partly because of the unique approach we take when it comes to production. We come at [the songs] from a Top-40 perspective rather than a bare-bones indie-rock perspective, if I can say that." -Rachel Lux

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"Q&A with David Cook of My Favorite Highway"

J-14 hung out with David Cook, the lead singer of My Favorite Highway before the band's show in NYC. He dished about the re-release of MFH's album, How To Call A Bluff, their summer tour, Taylor Swift, and more!

J-14: What made you want to add two new songs to the re-release of How To Call A Bluff?
David: Those two songs are special songs that were written for the second go around of the record. "Go" is a super fun song. It's really self-indulgent. It's a song about my personal faith and my struggle with who I want to be and achieving that. "Dreamer" is about someone you love and being there for them no matter what, convincing that person that you're not going anywhere. There's something about that song that's special, and everyone seemed to really connect with it.

J-14: Your new album sounds very interactive -- like MySpace in CD form.
David: Exactly. You'll get to access a mini My Favorite Highway site where there's a lot of stuff. We're going to be doing contests, ticket giveaways, and more. It's interactive and people who buy the CD are really going to get a lot of it for a long time.

J-14: Can you tell us about your summer tour?
David: We're going to be going on tour with a band called Danger Radio in May. We're also playing Bamboozle in the beginning of May. Then we're going to be on tour with The Cab all of July and the beginning of August.

J-14: Your Myspace blogs say you've been listening to Fearless by Taylor Swift. What makes you keep that album on replay?
David: We love that record. She's a great songwriter. I think everyone can relate to songs like "Fifteen" and "The Best Day." I love that song. I'm not a fifteen year old girl, but there's something in those songs that I can relate to. She's an excellent songwriter. The record sounds amazing. She's a great vocalist. We were driving down to play a show in Newport, Virginia at the end of January and we listened to that CD all the way down and on the way back. It's a great CD.

J-14: Is she someone you would love to collaborate with in the future?
David: Absolutely. I like to do as much songwriting with other people as possible, and she's someone I would personally love to song write with.

Check out MFH's Myspace page here. How To Call A Bluff drops May 5. Tags:david cook, j-14 exclusive, my favorite highway
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2006 EP Anywhere But Here
May 5, 2009 Debut Album How To Call A Bluff
Current Singles:
"Say So"



In March 2008, the members of My Favorite Highway, which also includes David’s cousin Will Cook on bass, Pat Jenkins on guitar, and Bobby Morgenthaler on drums, took the money they’d earned from selling more than 18,000 digital and physical copies of their 2006 EP Anywhere But Here (more than 75,000 of its tracks have been downloaded from iTunes) and used it to record How to Call A Bluff with their friend and producer Paul Barber and mixing engineer Jeff Juliano (John Mayer, David Matthews, Jason Mraz). The result is a compelling showcase for David’s uplifting melodies and expressive vocals, Pat and David’s dynamic guitar and piano textures, and Will and Bobby’s rock-solid rhythm section.

How to Call A Bluff was released independently in July 2008 and has sold nearly 135,000 individual tracks. Two of its songs, “Bittersweet Life” and “Bigger Than Love,” were featured on popular MTV show The Hills, while “What Are You Waiting For” popped up on The City. In February 2008, Alternative Press praised My Favorite Highway for “the type of polished sound you’d expect to hear after the opening bands.” In March, the magazine included them in its “100 Bands to Watch in ’09” list. In November 2008, the band signed with Virgin Records, which has re-released How to Call a Bluff in its entirety, plus two new songs, “Go,” and “Dreamer.”