My Fiction

My Fiction

 Queensland, AUS

Four lads from Brisbane Australia that play electro-pop and like to wear large jackets. Currently going strong in the CMJ charts after being #11 most added upon debut: they've smashed it out to sit at #84 after only three weeks!


There are a few things that every great band shares. Seemingly simple things like honesty, commitment to their craft, and a genuine desire to do their own thing. Great bands are like gangs brought together by a bond between the players that keeps them going through all that life dishes up, both good and bad. And it is precisely these elements that have driven the rise and rise of Brisbanes MY FICTION.


Through a string of EPs, countless shows around Australia and overseas, and the release of two full length albums FIREROMANCEFIRE (2011) and Shallow Highs (2013) the bands commitment to keeping the faith and, in many ways, just keeping on playing and creating has found them rise to the best creative form of their lives.


Its been a hell of a ride since the band first came together a few years ago in the back room of a suburban Brisbane dairy, turned rehearsal studio. There they have crafted a sound all of their own.


As Rolling Stone put it: My Fiction's music brings to mind less the sun-drenched suburbs of Brisbane and more the cold streets of London. Galloping drums, Morrisey-tinged vocals and Eighties synths butt up against grungey guitars and muscular delivery. 


And while the new album hasnt found the band surging off in a new direction, the new record Shallow Highs a collection of songs that find their strength in directness, honesty and a palpable sense of confidence.


Little wonder given what the band has achieved over the past few years. Radio support across Australia for a run of singles from both albums has seen the band hit the road and confirm their reputation as a must-see live act.


On stage they can be fiercely intense The Courier-Mail


The albums not only put the band on the Australian map, but they have made inroads in the US following a showcase at MUSEXPO in LA and a college radio campaign that helped the band climb into the CMJ top 200 for a number of weeks. Their profile there was also given a major lift towards the end of 2012 with prominent track placements in a run of US televisions shows including global hit Gossip Girl, MTVs Awkward and a run of placements on Fox Sports.


Once again teaming up with acclaimed producer Magoo, the band has crafted a stunning follow up to FIREROMANCEFIRE. Shallow Highs is an epic ride. From the pop gems of singles Neon Cola Signs and Young Again, to soundscape territory with Jack Sprouts Opus, the band have once again proved themselves to be diverse and emotive songwriters. Staying true to their dream of releasing a 12-track longplayer, they have produced an album which is full of gallop, swagger, depth and emotion.


Despite the scope of the album, the past year has been about getting back to basics for the band writing great songs and playing great shows. With a renewed energy and focus, the band are riding on a high and producing the most exciting music of their career.


Perhaps most importantly though, they're having fun.


'Your Tokyo' EP (2008). Worldwide digital distributed through SugarRush Records. 'Your Tokyo' and 'Go' both have received national Australian airplay through Triple J.

'Tonight Tonight/The Loop' Single (2009).
Worldwide digital distributed through SugarRush Records.Both tracks have received national Australian airplay through Triple J.

'Fire Romance Fire' LP (2010). Worldwide digital distributed through SugarRush Records. 'Every June' has received national Australian airplay through Triple J. The record also debut at #136 in the CMJ College Radio Charts in USA, and hit the top 30 at 23 stations across USA.

'Neon Cola Signs' Single (2013) Worldwide digital distribution through SugarRush Records. Contains B-Side 'St Vincents Road'

'Shallow Highs' LP (2012). Worldwide digital distributed through SugarRush Records.

Set List

Ever changing! Some old stuff, some new stuff, most are worked out a week before the show. Keeps it nice and fresh.