My Final Wish

My Final Wish


An epic adventure, captured in a music box.


My Final Wish began on a cold wet day in Ayrshire, mid April 2005.
Struggling as a musically impressive three piece, without a real singer, they stumbled upon Mike.
He had heard them play a gig at the legendary Parkers in Kilmarnock and liked what he heard, especially an instrumental track they called Vanilla.
The three piece My Final Wish asked him along to jam, Mike told them he had made up a vocal line for Vanilla, so they played it and that was pretty much it.
They had found their singer.
Now, after airplay from Vic Galloway and Jim Gellalty, and being featured in Your Sound at King Tuts, My Final Wish are looking forward to 2007 with big plans.
They aim to organise a tour, record a new e.p. and get their name out and about there, as they feel now, after alot of hard work, they have found their sound.

Set List

30-45 minute set
Birth Death Renewal
In Transit
Cop Show
Latin Epic