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My Flea Circus

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Alice on Acid"

(translated from Dutch by original Author)
Intro-A welcome into the wonderfully weird world of My Flea Circus, to be compared with Alice walking through Wonderland on LSD. Thematically you can compare the album to Marilyn Manson's 'Smells like children', but with actual songs here. Also, a reference to the riot grrrl-tradition. Against the tradition, the vocals here are kept more under control (no screams, no grunts), which gives an extra eerie dimension to the sound.

Album runthrough:
- starts out as a Disney-singalong with 'Let's pretend we're spiders', but evolves into a dirty riff that will become the scene for the rest of the album
- 'p p c': nice temposwitching ending up in a metallic wasteland which reminds of the roughness of Hole's debut 'Pretty on the inside'
- 'Mister Mittens' grand track, due to the vocals a bit of a reference to My Ruin, with the almost tribal beats a very exciting track and probably the best choice as a single
- 'Mrs Louse' pitch black due to dragging rhythm and vocals
- thematically almost a mantra of an abused child's soul, the repetition in vocals reminds of youth obsessing on their little trauma's, but here we get a lot of variation from the classic monster under the bed. The twisted lyrics carry out a black humour that works.

Overall: a cult hit, stylistically reminding of the twisted nineties releases that dared to be rough around the edges and nice to hear this again for a change in an era where every group wants to be taken as seriously as possible. The atmosphere of the songs is carried out into the band stories on the Myspace and site and marketeered through the great demonical Magic Dollies of Doom. This could be an undergound hype on the verge of breakthrough and I would not have a thing against it.
- Digg - Belgium

"Fancy Feast"

About fifteen years ago bands like Sonic Youth, the Melvins, Babes in Toyland and Nirvana (pre-Nevermind) were all over college radio and every band with a cool dichotomy name (Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Love Battery, Skin Yard) were underground legends. Now with the exception of a handful of groups, that era and that music has been totally forgotten and left behind. My Flea Circus' debut carries a current release date but you would be hard pressed to guess that from the group's hardcore, chord heavy feedback orientated sludge rock. Singer-guitarist Nee has the Kim Gordon like vocal delivery and the band seems like a reincarnation of all those "grrl rock" groups at times (Remember Bikini Kill?) but the duo does play with other styles; thrash and electronica on "Kid in Machine" and the vintage video game electro pop of "Fear of Worms."

Trent McMartin
- Mote Magazine

"Fancy Fancy"

Inspired by cotton candy, childhood, fairytales, and the loud clanking machines that pass your window while you sleep, Fancy Feast is a magical ride through a dark play land you’ll be afraid to enter and unwilling to leave.Nee Trauma and NinjaSteve work in mysterious ways, like dark superheroes in a purple shadowed city. Nee wears her pouty unpredictable voice like bright neon body armor, drawing the attention of passersby with the beauty and strength of the very fibers. At times it is almost playfully soft, singing of prancing worms and rotten apples. But do not underestimate her as it soon hardens until it seems to be made of titanium. Within seconds, she can go from wide-eyed little girl to terrifying banshee, facing demons and "Mr. Mittens." Brandishing a heavy metal guitar, she grinds and pounds her way through each head banging song, fighting back the forces of blandness and creating a safer place for the children of shadows. NinjaSteve stays in the dark, feeding the brawl with a throbbing versatility. Never falling back on the typical or expected, he infuses every composition with completely different beat, tone, pitch. Although less often in the forefront, Steve is not a sidekick. No, for his rhythms ride right alongside and often spiral under, over, and between Nee's seductive vocals and powerful guitar riffs. The best example of their superhero collaboration can be found in "Storage Room," a gorgeous orchestration composed of intense guitar and layers of pounding industrial noise. As musicians, each can stand on their own. Nee is a talented guitarist and vocalist and Steve's beats could make the Grim Reaper dance. But they work better as a superhero duo: Nee Trauma and NinjaSteve, a.k.a. My Flea Circus.
-Charity VanDeberg - ReGen Magazine


2005 - Vile Demo
2006 - Fancy Feast (Full Length Album)


Feeling a bit camera shy


My Flea Circus are a three piece alternative/thrash ensemble who appear as art in sound and vision. Intense and moody, they make noisy disfigurements of twisted fairytales, which often appear innocent and child-like amidst their strange lyrics and bizarre imagery. There is a persistent darkness and blistering violence that shadows the melodies and themes of their songs, inspired by art and uglyness.

The band is currently recording a new EP to be released in the Fall of 2007.