My Flea Circus

My Flea Circus


A creepy affair of fairytale violence and chaos.


My Flea Circus are a three piece alternative/thrash ensemble who appear as art in sound and vision. Intense and moody, they make noisy disfigurements of twisted fairytales, which often appear innocent and child-like amidst their strange lyrics and bizarre imagery. There is a persistent darkness and blistering violence that shadows the melodies and themes of their songs, inspired by art and uglyness.

The band is currently recording a new EP to be released in the Fall of 2007.


2005 - Vile Demo
2006 - Fancy Feast (Full Length Album)

Set List

Let's Pretend We're Spiders
F Mannequin
Kid into machine
Cut with a Cake Knife
Mud Mother
Storage Room
Fear of Worms
Tiny men in little jars
X marks the Exorcist
Ultra Reaper
Mister Mittens