My Friday Slacks

My Friday Slacks


My Friday Slacks uses the classic rock band lineup of guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard to create something fresh and exciting. Our music is upbeat, and catchy with just enough of an edge. We focus most on the live show. We adore our fans, and enjoy seeing people feel something from our music.


Started in the summer of 2011, My Friday Slacks is comprised of young, local musicians from the suburban Pittsburgh area. With most members just recently graduating High School, My Friday Slacks is setting it's sights on traveling and playing as many shows as possible.


Cul De Sac (2012)- My Friday Slacks' first album release. It is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Amazon, and is also streaming on Spotify. The album also gets airtime on Pittsburgh's Alt-Rock station 105.9 The X.