My Friend Wallis

My Friend Wallis


Ethereal tropical awesome.


I wrote these songs as a way to cope with dreary winter in anticipation of summer, my favourite season. I wrote a lot of these while I was in Mexico learning to play the ukelele. My influences include Bossa Nova, nature, South America, etc. I am one of the few female fronted artists in Victoria. My set includes two redheaded back-up vocalists to add harmony and atmosphere. I've been playing in Vincat for five years, and love painting, animals, and cigarettes.


My Friend Wallis-"Free Day" (single on Old Life Compilation 2009)
Vincat-Hoi Polloi
Vincat-Inner Space
Vincat-Earth EP
Vincat-I liked their older stuff better

Stream "Free Day":

Set List

Free Day
Beautiful Shit
That Little Dream
On Vacation

Set time: approx. 20 minutes.

Covers: The Tide is High-Blondie