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"Review on "Leper""

Vienna based rockers ‘My Glorious’ were formed out of the ashes of Austrian rock band ‘Fresh’ in January 2008. However, they have not exactly risen like the Phoenix more like blown the top off like an angry volcano.

‘Fresh’ had been growing in popularity over their 7 year existence and they had toured large chunks of Europe and performed alongside the likes of ‘Delirious!’ on many occasions. However when two of the band, including the lead singer decided that they didn’t want to be rock stars anymore the three remaining members decided to continue and ‘My Glorious’ was born. Made up of twins Gregor and Paul (and no they don’t look alike) on bass and drums and UK born Sami on guitar and vocals the band have been performing their ‘Garage’ sound to an excited crowd and already beginning to make a name for themselves.

They have just returned from a three week tour of the USA and have been making friends and fans out of artists such as former members of ‘Audio Adrenaline’ and gospel singer ‘Nathan Wesley Smith’. Back in Austria ‘My Glorious’ are introducing themselves to the world with the release of a 6 track EP called ‘Leper’. Hearing the EP for the first time was quite a shock.’Fresh’s’ album had been well polished, well produced and smooth. ‘Leper’ sounds like the band have stuck a mic in the middle of a garage and gone for, and I love it. It’s raw and passionate.

Bass and drums thump away on every track giving Sami a solid floor on which to place his rattled guitar tracks and bellow out his vocals. Sami isn’t a natural singer, but it makes it all the better as far as I am concerned as it adds to the rawness and the genuine feeling of the songs. ‘All I ever do’ is a great example of this as the combination of the Spartan guitars, the thudding bass and the thwack of a single snare drum gives the impression of pain. I had a real sense of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Philadelphia’ through the opening verse.

‘Fire’ has Sami sounding a little like ‘Lou Reed’ and opening track ‘Give me time’ has a crashing guitar, which adds to the scaled down innocence of the song. This is very much an EP that needs to be played loud to get the full impact of what they are about. Quietly on the speakers of your computer just does not do them justice. So loud on your car stereo that it makes your back wheels jump off of the road, that’s how they should and will be appreciated. The fact that ‘My Glorious’ are making so many friends amongst musicians and singers appears to indicate that they are something fresh on the menu and I for one am looking forward to hearing them perform in the UK.

Rating: 9/10 - Paul Loader (

""Leper" Review"

In this day and age where there is an immense plethora of rock bands and rock acts with mixed levels of talent, "My Glorious" is surely in a genre of its own.

This band composed of three highly talented and gifted young men beautifully fuse the high energy of the "Foo-Fighters" and the soothing melody of "Coldplay" with powerful messages that have deep philosophical and inspirational undertones. This is one band that I believe will be around for a while and their songs will become anthems in mouths of youngsters from different countries and nationalities. - by Sheg Aranmolate

"My Glorious' apperance at Big Mamas (Oct 4th 2008 - Seymour)"

My Glorious, a hugely-talented trio from Vienna, Austria. Traveling more than 7,000 miles to Seymour from their hometown, the threesome capped a stop on their tour of the southeast with an outstanding performance at the Battle in support of their CD “Leper”. Blending a mix of influences ranging from jazz to Queen to Coldplay, the highly-energetic set of rockers and ballads brought to mind an unusual union of Pink Floyd and Rage Against the Machine.

With the touch-of-grit and wide range of guitar stylings from vocalist Samuel Fischer leading the way on the Telecaster, bassist Gregor Sailer laid down beautiful foundations with his Music Man Stingray five-stringer, while twin brother Paul tossed his dreadlocks and hit top dead center with rhythm on drums delving deep into a crisp style salted liberally with syncopations around steady downbeats.
The band provided a sublime mix and great stage presence as they worked the crowd over with an engaging double-threat of incredible music and hooky stage patter. My Glorious is certain to be a favorite of voters in the Battle, and are arguably one of the best bands to perform here among the 100+ acts presented during the series.
- David Grimes (SKS Times)

"Review on iTunes"

"If you've not heard this group from Europe then take time to check them out now! These guys have a very raw rock sound that is so refreshing in these days of over produced crap!

The variety in the trax show that this band is more than just another garage rock band but are real musicians with a lot more to offer than the same sound over and over. This EP introduced the band to the world stage very well and definitely leaves you waiting for more.

"Review on"

As all you rockers know, there’s nothing like a bit of unadulterated angst to help soothe the soul. Hence I would like to introduce you to Vienna based Rock trio My Glorious and their latest release ‘Leper’.
This six track EP has been described by their singer/songwriter Samuel Fischer as “an honest attempt to understand life”. In view of the fact that making sense of life is an extremely difficult task at the best of times, I would like to applaud My Glorious for cleverly capturing the raw emotions we all suffer by a means of their music. This band takes a refreshing no-frills approach to Rock.

Their forte is clear-cut yet passionate lyrics complimented by fierce electric guitars, creating an explosive and dominant sound. Singer Samuel Fischer’s resilient vocals in tracks such as ‘All I ever do’ bring together a melodic tune and poignant lyrics to a heavy backdrop. This powerful combination makes their songs accessible to the average ear and yet intricate enough for the listener to entertain an additional contemplation.

Meditative themes are present in songs on the EP such as ‘Fire’ and ‘If you break’, the band themselves have likened the process of making music to therapy. That’s not to say that it’s all doom and gloom, a positive vibe runs throughout their music, epitomized in the band’s great energy and obvious fervour for music.” -


Home is where the Heart breaks - Feb 2010
Leper EP - October 2008



In a strikingly honest assessment of his chosen career path, Sami Fischer, frontman and guitarist for Vienna based power rock trio My Glorious once told an interviewer that “A musician is someone who doesn’t want to pay for therapy, but wants to earn money doing it.” Feeling free to share their deepest, most intense feelings with their growing base of fans in Europe and the U.S., the band—which includes the rhythm section of twins Gregor (bass) and Paul Sailer (drums)—takes a refreshingly honest, explosively grooving stab at understanding life on their highly anticipated full length debut album Home Is Where The Heart Breaks.

My Glorious released their rough, raw and powerful self-produced debut EP Leper in 2008. For the new project, they amped up their game and mixed the album on state of the art equipment at commercial studios in Vienna with the assistance of renowned sound engineer Raphael Spannocchi, whom Sami met years before while working with top Austrian producer David Bronner. The band now affectionately dubs Spannocchi “the fourth Beatle,” which means that rather than running the normal succession of tracking, producing, mixing and mastering, there was constant experimenting going on; any insight gained out of one of these processes had a direct impact on the others. The sound of any given track would start at one point at the beginning of the production and evolve into a more specific and pointed vibe along the way.

Seemingly at odds with the bright, sunny name of the group, My Glorious launched in 2008 out of the bitter, windswept ashes of Fresh, a popular band that had been together for seven years, touring everywhere from their home country of Austria and the U.K. (Sami is half-Brit) to Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovakia. When two key members (including Fresh’s lead singer) split, the remaining trio was at a crossroads—they knew they had to “do it full or not at all.” Opting for “full,” they changed their style from rock/pop to a vibe that was more rough, honest and unpolished because, as Sami says, “that’s just what we were like.”

Starting with an “organigram of goals—long term, mid-term and short term—with the over all goal to “become one of the most influential bands of all time,” My Glorious began writing songs (whose lyrics were penned by Sami), jamming and shedding and took the proverbial bull by the horns, doing all their own booking, tour management and networking. Their first bold step was to book their first U.S. tour—a notion everyone in their circle thought was crazy because they would most likely be the only unsigned band from Austria ever to perform in the U.S., or anywhere outside their country for that matter.

Sami recalls: “We booked shows in Germany, staryed playing in the UK and worked on ourselves as much as possible. We bought a book called ‘Music is your Business’ and made that our motto. We learned all we could about the music biz, about publishing, label structures, distribution and marketing and started applying it as well as possible. Just before our first US tour we thought it would be important to record a CD, to have something to sell over there. So we did ‘Leper,’ which had our best songs of the time on it. We produced it ourselves at our own recording studio and had it mixed and mastered. So we went to the U.S. and came home with less Cds and with names on our mailing list.”

U.S. audiences got hip to and excited about My Glorious immediately, loving the fact that the band was from Austria and responding to the energy and passion of their performances. They have now toured throughout the Southern U.S. three times in addition to touring London, Germany and doing spot dates in Austria and Bosnia. Their biggest Stateside markets are college towns in North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Birmingham.

The first single from Home Is Where The Heart Breaks is the funky, hypnotic and throbbing rocker “You Should Be Dancing,” which began as a riff they jammed to for a year before developing into a song about the irony of so many people of spiritual faith being so sad, glum and boring. “Blow Up The Sun” qualifies as a bona fide sci-fi electronic rock ballad which ponders what it would be like to destroy the sun and start life somewhere else in the universe—why try to make the world work, why not just reset it? Sami wrote most of the lyrics to “Break My Heart” in Bosnia on one of his Fresh tours, The scene of young beggars in the streets would be heartbreaking…that is if your heart’s not made of stone like his sometimes is. In the song, Sami laments the fact that his heart has grown numb to the pain of others by media desensitization.

“Making the album was extremely fun, even the fact that we spent thousands of Euros that we don’t even have!” says Sami. “If we become successful on the international market, that’s cool but right now it’s more about the process of living the life, being a band, which excites us. Nothing is more exciting than