My Hero

My Hero

 Newport Beach, California, USA
BandPopHip Hop

My Hero is KIIS FM in LA's breakout artist of the year. We are selling out venues and colleges in several states. We are the Halftime Show Enterntainment for the NCAA's Capital One Bowl Jan, 2011. People from every demo Love our music. Most people say we are a younger, more enegetic Black Eyed Peas.


My Hero was formed by a group of friends consisting of Tai, CC, Taylr and Kay Style in September of 2008 in Orange County, CA. The combination of 3 talented MCs and a singer, whose voice can melt your soul, produces a style of music that is unmatched. The group’s Urban-Pop sound has a crossover appeal that wins over males and females of all ages. This was proven when My Hero won KIIS FM’s breakout star competition, voted on by KIIS FM’s listeners.
My Hero’s electrifying live performances are fresh and energetic; which helps them stand out among all other artists today. Along with their on-stage presence, the group’s charismatic personalities and trend-setting attire draw people to them off-stage as well.
Starting 2011 off with a huge performance at the NCAA's Capital One Bowl, My Hero is poised to be one of the biggest up and coming acts of the year.


Break Out EP, released through all Tune Core stores in October of 2010.

Set List

An average My Hero set is 25 - 60 minutes. Our set list consists of our newest music, most of which is featured on our website Please advise if you would like a more specific set list including mp3's.