My id/ Aubrey Dayle

My id/ Aubrey Dayle


Drummer Aubrey Dayle formed My id in 2001 as an electric jazz unit that features song like melodies, some world beat rhythms and virtuosic instrumentalism. My id is a group that pools on its musicians’ collective experiences in genres from rock, world beat, R&B and hip hop to traditional jazz.


Aubrey Dayle was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He immigrated to Canada with his family, and was raised in Montreal. He began playing the accordion at age 5 and from there learned to play the piano. By the age of 13, Aubrey had developed an interest in the percussive arts and decided to devote his talents to mastering them. His efforts paid off and a decade later, he was performing and collaborating with some of the best musicians on the planet.

While in Canada, Aubrey finished a Bachelor of Music degree in classical percussion performance at McGill University. He performed in both the Vanier and the award winning McGill Percussion Ensembles. Aubrey also began his professional career during this period, performing on both jazz and classical radio broadcasts for the CBC, and touring throughout Eastern Canada.

Soon after, Aubrey graduated from the Manhattan School of Music in New York City. It was at this time he became fully committed to his development as both a drummer and a composer. He also started to tour extensively with James 'Blood' Ulmer and Hassan Hakmoun. The James 'Blood' Ulmer Blues Experience toured the globe playing mostly jazz and blues festivals. Hassan Hakmoun and Zahar played mostly World music and rock festivals. The latter ensemble also performed at "Woodstock '94" and was the warm-up group for several of singer Peter Gabriel's concerts during his Secret World and Womad tours.

Aubrey has continued to perform in varied situations. He has toured the United States extensively with the jam band rock groups God Street Wine and The John Popper Band. He appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", "The Late Show with David Letterman", and the "Roseanne Show" with the John Popper Band in support of John Popper's solo album entitled “Zygote”. Aubrey has recorded and toured with Vernon Reid on the Grammy nominated CD project called “Memphis 'Blood' The Sun sessions featuring James 'Blood' Ulmer”. Most recently, Aubrey has recorded another CD with Memphis ‘Blood’ in New York City’s famous Electric Lady Studio call “No escape from the Blues”, and a Live CD with Ernest Ranglin Called “Ska We’.

Many high profile artists have worked and played with Aubrey since he became a New York-based freelance musician. His diverse experience has allowed him to perform with Garland Jeffreys, Sam Rivers, Sonny Rollins, Peter Gabriel, David Murray, Chico Freeman and Ernest Ranglin among many others. He has also worked on “Bring In Da Noize, Bring In Da Funk” as a Broadway musician

Aubrey’s discography includes Angie Stone’s Mahogany Soul, God Street Wine’s Good To The Last Drop and Hassan Hakmoun’s most recent CD called The Gift. He has also performed on several television broadcasts in the United States and Europe. Aubrey is currently working with musicians in Canada and the United States to tour in support of his solo CD project called My id. It is on the My id project that Aubrey combines his influences in jazz, rock and world beat and truly stakes his claim as an artist of the 21st century.


My id: Featuring Aubrey Dayle(AJKE-191992)

Vernon Reid: guitar
Aubrey Dayle: drums
Ron Jackson: guitar
Jim Chapdelaine: guitar
Oteil Burbridge: bass
Damon Banks: bass
Mark Peterson: bass
Nicki Parrott: bass
Hassan Hakmoun: sintir,perc
Brahim Fribgane: dumbek, oud
Jamshied Sharifi: Keys
Jason Crosby: Violin,Viola
Craig Rivers: Sax

Selected discography as a side man

Blues & Grass: The 52ND Street Blues Project (Chesky-JD279))

James ‘Blood’ Ulmer:guitar
Aubrey Dayle: Drums
Charlie Burnham: Violin
Mark Peterson: bass
Queen Esther: Vocals

Memphis Blood: The Sun Sessions (Grammy Nominated) (LabelM495728)

James ‘Blood’ Ulme: guitar
Aubrey Dayle: Drums
Charlie Burnham: Violin
Mark Peterson: bass
Vernon Reid: guitar
David Barnes: Harmonica
Rick Steff: Keys

No Escape for the Blues: The Electric Lady sessions (Hyena TMF9312)

James ‘Blood’ Ulmer: guitar
Aubrey Dayle: Drums
Charlie Burnham: Violin
Mark Peterson: bass
Vernon Reid: guitar
David Barnes: Harmonica
Rick Steff: Keys

James ‘Blood’ Ulmer: Music Speaks Louder Than Words (DIW-910)

James ‘Blood’ Ulmer: guitar
Aubrey Dayle: drums
Rashied Ali: drums
Calvin “Hassen Truth” Jones: bass
Amin Ali: bass
Michael Mustafa Ulmer: Keys

James ‘Blood’ Ulmer: Live at the Bayerischer hof (IOR 77018-2)

James ‘Blood’ Ulmer: guitar
Aubrey Dayle: drums
Amin Ali: bass

James ‘Blood’ Ulmer: Blues Preacher (DIW-869)

James ‘Blood’ Ulmer: guitar
Aubrey Dayle: drums
Mark Peterson: bass
Ronald Drayton: guitar
Irene Datcher: Vocals
Delmar Brown: Keys
William “Spaceman” Paterson: Keboards

God Street Wine: Featuring Aubrey Dayle (AJKE-191992)

Aaron Maxwell: guitar
Aubrey Dayle: drums
Lo Faber: guitar
John Bevo: guitar
Dan Pifer: bass
Oteil Burbridge: bass
Peter Levin: keys

Lo Faber: The Friday Night Freak Show (LF)

Tom Pirozzi: bass
Aubrey Dayle: drums
Lo Faber: Guitar.
David Eggar: Cello
Jordan Katz: trumpet
Werner Dikel: violin, viola
Kenny Lehman: Tenor sax
Brian Kaplan: trombone

Joel Goodman: Music for film II scores & themes (0316)

Joel goodman: Composer/ Producer
Aubrey Dayle: drums

Hassan Hakmoun:The Gift (Triloka 7930185228-2)

Hassan Hakmoun: sintir
Aubrey Dayle: drums
Paula Cole: vocals
Brahim Fribgane guitar
Jamsheid Sharifi: Keys
Ron McBee: Percussion
Various Moroccan: musicians

Neo bass Project: Basscream (PVCP-9104)
Hassan Hakmoun: Composer/ Producer
Aubrey Dayle: Drums/Co-production

Gwen Laster: Hear You Smiling (GL)

Gwen Laster: Violin,vocals
Aubrey Dayle: drums
Carlton Holmes: Keys
Damon Banks: bass

Mahogany Soul: Angie Stone (j Records 80813-20013-2)
Angie Stone: vocals, Percussion
Aubrey Dayle: percussion
EranTabib: programming, guitar

Perspectives: A compilation of Montreal Jazz (PR880318-1)

Fady Karam: Guitar
Aubrey Dayle: drums
Bill Mahar: trumpet
Paul Shewchck: bass

Dr. Ernest Ranglin: ‘Ska Wey Dat’ (Trojan 06076-80405-2)

Ernest Ranglin: guitar
Aubrey Dayle: drums
Cedric ‘Im’ Brooks: tenor sax
Andy Basford: guitar
Leroy Guy : bass
Kim Miller: vocals

Lonnie Plaxico: Short Takes (Muse MCD 5477)

Lonnie Plaxico: bass, synth bass,
Aubrey Dayle: drums
Carla cook: vocals
Naruko Naara: synthesizer
Kenneth Davis: bass
Gene Jackson: drum programming
Mike Cain : Keys
David Gilmore: Guitar
David Lee Jones: Saxophones
David Binney: soprano saxophones
Gregg Osby: Alto soxophones

The New York Metro Mass Choir: The sound of inspiration (mmchoir)

David Brown: director
Aubrey Dayle: drums
Jeffery Klitz : accompanist
William Stein: keyboards
Jordan Katz: trumpet
Gene Torres: organ

Sistashree: High Places (SISTA 4961)

James ‘Blood’ Ulmer guitar, flute, dialogue
Aubrey Dayle: drums
Mark Peterson: bass
Earl Davis : trumpet
Mystic Fiddle: Background vocals

Bill White: 350 Project

Bill White: guitar
Aubrey Dayle: drums
Damon Banks: bass
Carlton Holms: Keys
Norman Hedman: percussion
Craig Rivers: Saxophones

Tony white: Tony White (Blue Orchid BO2003)

Tony White: saxophones
Aubrey Dayle: drums
Karl McNeil: bass
Barry Sames: Keys
Noel Clinton: percussion
Carlyle Barriteau: guitar

Set List

The wrong move
This Life
It’s more than chance
What ‘dem see ‘dem want
A world without war
Heart felt desperation
Jewel's faith
Uncertain luck
Echo in a new country
Cold feet
A Little Friend
The dubious affair
The mark of the wolf 2
Big Sista
6 Million
It's all good
Mirror mirror
A dream of a Lifetime
Brand new
From the outside
The promised land

Each set is typically 50 minutes