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Myka Nyne

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Hiphop Legend Freestyle Fellowship/Haiku De Tat member Myka Nyne.


Legendary Freestyle Fellowship cofounder Myka 9 and Fake Four Records are readying a hip-hop release infused with soul, funk, and even disco for 2009 called 1969. Not since 1993's "Park Bench People", a classic joint detailing Myka's own struggle with homelessness, has this LA emcee created such a personal and poignant songs. 1969, the year of Myka's birth, is a nostalgic trip filled with references to the culture and sounds of Motown, hippies, psychedelics, choppers and Cadillacs-- images that surrounded him throughout his early childhood. Guest appearances on 1969 include his Project Blowed comrades Aceyalone, Busdriver, and Awol One.

Myka's passionate lyrics and intense flow are a perfect match with prolific Canadian track master Factor, who has worked with the likes of Sadat x, Moka Only, Awol One, Shape shifters, and Living legends.

Myka 9 holds a distinctive place in hip-hop history. As a teenager, he got his start ghost writing lyrics for larger acts such as NWA and The Posse and collaborating with major label acts such as The Wailers and Carmen Carter. In 1991, his melodic rap style and improvisational lyrical talents were demonstrated on Freestyle Fellowship's debut album "To Whom It May Concern".

As one of the founders of Freestyle Fellowship, Myka shared rapping duties with Aceyalone, Self Jupiter and PEACE. By 1993 the "Fellowship" was signed to 4th and B'way (the hip hop subsidiary of Island Records) and released their landmark album "Innercity Griots." Although the Fellowship quietly disbanded after 2002's "Temptations" all the members continue to work on a variety of solo and group projects with and without each other.


Freestyle Fellowship

* To Whom It May Concern… (1991)
* Innercity Griots (1993)
* Temptations (2001)
* Version 2.0: To Whom It May Concern, Remixes (2001)
* Innercity Griots Instrumentals (2002)
* Shockadoom (2001)
* Temptations (2002)
Haiku D'Etat

* Haiku D'Etat (1999)
* Coup de Theatre (2004)

* It's All Love (American Nightmare) (1999) (as Mikah Nine)
* Timetable (2001) (as Mikah 9)
* A Work in Progress (2003) (as Myka Nyne)
* Citrus Sessions, Vol. 1 (2006) (as Myka Nyne)
* 1969 (2009)

[edit] Magic Heart Genies

* Heartifact (2008)