Myke Mazzei and The Mod Villains

Myke Mazzei and The Mod Villains

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

A quirky blend of folk, jazz, dance-rock, and spacey soundcollage. A folk-rock viewpoint on love, loss, Canadian politics, and wide-open spaces a la Neil Young jamming with Yo La Tengo!


Myke has been writing and performing in Southern Ontario since 1998. Drawing from Neil Young's sense of melody and chord structure, and Elliott Smith's brooding subject matter, audiences have been alternately charmed and rocked by the songs.

Both solo, and with The Mod Villains, Myke gives every performance every bit of his energy-- why not play like it's the last show you'll ever do?

2006's packed Toronto concert with fellow jazz and folk musicians was highly regarded as a turning point in Myke's career, and in the Winter of 2007, Myke Mazzei and The Mod Villains began rehearsals for touring their native country.

His band clearly and triumphantly displays their influences, jazz leads and occasional forays into dance-rock beats complementing folk anthems like "Nobody's Saviour" and "The Hollow Tree", and fusing together into a dreamy soundcollage for "On Loneliness".

Myke Mazzei and The Mod Villains promise and deliver excellent songs and passionate performances on stage, and are all extremely personable off stage.


Nobody's Saviour

Written By: Myke Mazzei

Here I am in the dark, and I'm rambling again
Just the moon in the night sky for a friend
Nodody's Saviour but my own
Came here by myself and I'm leaving alone

Came down to talk to you, you gave me the old excuse
Where your friends and your family just don't care
Have you the will to say, "I've gotta leave today!"
When tomorrow comes knockin' will you be there?


They say that everyone loves a clown
It's just a smile upside down
But if you catch a trace of your mirrored face
All you'll see is a frown


I make no promises to cure your loneliness
That's a will you'll discover deep inside
Grab on to what you've got, and my friend it's quite a lot
You've been running so long; call me when you find that light


Written By: Myke Mazzei

Myke Mazzei

(Am - C - F - F) x4 (HARLEY)

Out in the fields of war

We went looking for something more

What we found shook us down to the core

Out in the fields of war

(Am - C - F - F) x2 (HARLEY)

You can't touch and walk away
It hits you each and every day
Let's take them from the air and get out of the way
Leave them lying there, no more to say

(Am - C - F - F) x4 (ALISON)

I've seen the smoke turn the sky from blue to black
Like a bruise you can cover it up, but you can't take it back
Close your eyes and let the wind be at your back
Blow you further down the rails on a one-way track

(Am - C - F - F) x4 (HARLEY)

Every dog has its day
Every ocean has its waves
Every soldier has his stay
Every dead man has his grave
Take me back to where I'm from
Show me peace and give me love
Guide my hands and guard my heart from all I've done
Save a space for my brothers and me above

(Am - C - F - F) x8 (HARLEY & ALISON)

Out in the fields of war
We went looking for something more
Out in the fields... out in the fields...
Out in the fields of war.


Myke Mazzei/Spookyhorse - Eyes Closed (1998-EP)
Myke Mazzei/Spookyhorse - Odd One Out (1998-LP)
Spookyhorse - A Horse For All Seasons (2003-EP)
Myke Mazzei - The Four Corners (2003-EP)
Myke Mazzei - Shallow (2007-EP)
Myke & The Mod Villains - The Graffiti's Concert (2007-Live Album)

Set List

ADDITIONAL SETS = up to 3 total

Been Thinkin'
The Four Corners
Girl With Deep Blue Eyes
Hands Of Time
I Go
I Was Made To Love Her
My Favourite Song
My Time To Shine
Nobody's Saviour
Once Loved, Twice Removed
On Loneliness
Place In The Shade
Summer Of 1999
Uncomfortable Silence
The View With Closed Eyes

COVERS (mostly local and fellow songwriters)
After The Garden (Neil Young)
The Hollow Tree (Marcus Walker)
Jamie (Katie Regan)
Milwaukee Line (Jeff Kahl)
Shadows Of Christine (Jeremy Parnell)
St. Claire Station (Vanessa Hanson)
Texas (Sean McCammon)
This House (Kristin McCaig)
Waiting In The Lost Years (Signe Miranda)