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Mykill Miers

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This rapper/producer/activist is one of the most respected emcees in Los Angeles. His ferocious delivery, and uncanny story telling ability, makes Mykill an artist to be reckoned with. His versatility and diverse musical influences makes Mykill Miers one of the most anticiapted rap artist in LA.

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It's Been a Longtime Coming
The Second Coming
The Trilogy Vol. 1 Mykill Reloaded
Take It In Blood
also featured on Will.I.Am (of The Black Eyed Peas) - Lost Change cd
Nationally Aired Radio Commercial for Budlight - Budlight Hip Hop & Budlight Latin Hip Hop
Making Of The Band Season 1 DVD
GangTapes Motion Picture DVD
The 40 Year Old Virgin

Set List

Mykill's Show Set varies, depending upon time alloted. Mykill Miers always has a surprise for showgoers and fans. He is also known for his live covers of hip hop classics from back in the day He also has a female vocalist (Kamil - The Musical Temptress) to sing along with breakdancers