My Lady Four

My Lady Four

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Our music fits the mood of nearly any setting, and any other band in modern music, and having played hundreds of shows all over the US at Colleges, High Schools, and Venues alike, we are sure to put on a professional, and highly entertaining show.


In today’s music industry, risk is a generally unappreciated quality, and one that modern rock outfit My Lady Four seems to not only embrace but also take pride in. In little under two years, they've been on multiple national tours across the US, supported acts such as Quietdrive, Ryan Cabrera, New Medicine, Four Letter Lie, and The Ready Set. They've been featured in AP Magazine, Substream Magazine, and on, as well as a litany of renown musical publications on the web, and have accomplished all of this without the support of a label.

Their debut album, "Everyone Pays the Gatekeeper", was recorded by Jordan Schmidt. He had the pleasure of working with such acts as All Time Low, Sing It Loud, Quietdrive, and You Me And Everyone We Know. The album was mastered by Ui Nastasi who also worked with bands like Forever The Sickest Kids, Sherwood, and Gym Class Heroes. That album is currently available on Itunes, Shockhound, Amazon, Napster, and Smartpunk, as well as at every My Lady Four show.

On the cusp of their follow up album titled "In This LIfe or the Next", which is set to release sometime this fall/winter, My Lady Four will be continuing the touring trend and is available for inquiries whenever. They've played a number of college and high school campuses, as well as venues, nightclubs, and bars across the US.

For inquiries, e-mail Brian at


...Sometimes The Bear Eats You

Written By: Brian Schwarz

Hello Doctor, Hello Doctor,
It seems my body can't control my insisting hand.
And if I let it go much farther,
I'll wake up feeling more and more like another man, Again.

Hello Mother, Hello Father.
Have you forgotten what it's like to dream again, to plan?

Disaster is arranged,
Well I'm a fighter,
I won't be tamed,
you won't be, the one to break me down.
And I know that you've got your ways,
Still I'm not makin claim,
to who'd come out on top,
but I'm not givin up.

Since when did you call me your partner?
I'm not your brother, not your father, I'm just a man.
We need eachother to move onward,
So think and wonder,
Cause I remember who called me a friend, way back then...

Cause I'm not going down!
How stubborn are we?
Controlled by our own big dreams.
But we will let them out!
Cause it's what we need,
to fight, sink or swim,
to struggle,
to see what we can acheive.

So don't call me crazy,
call me lazy, or you'll see!

Disaster is arranged,
and sometimes I am the arranger,
I'm a danger to my own humanity!
And in the end they'll see!
I'll start their fires,
calm their waters,
cause I'm a laugher,
I'm a lover,
and I'm a thief!

At The Gate

Written By: Brian Schwarz

The world is dead,
I watched it bleed out and collapse,
and all the people lost their shreads
of hope as it let one more breath,

escape it's lungs,
and hung, it's head.

But I'm alive,
and though I'm damned, I still survived,
with every god-forsaken word,
I let the heavens know this hurt.

As the noise, ebbs and flows
i swallow hard because i know
that my last redeeming hope
is to find my way back home.

I know the truth
you asked me twice,
but couldn't see through my disquise
to the damages inside,
that like my world I too had died.

but "How are you?"
(So how are you, cause I need to know! So how are you?)
"How are you?"
(Do you believe me? Do you believe me?)
but "How are you?"
(So how are you, cause I need to know! So how are you?)
"How are you?"
(Do you believe me? Do you believe me?)

And the truth is, I lied
the truth is that I lied.

I know you can't go back.
I know you won't look back.

Jekyll, Meet Mr. Hyde

Written By: Brian Schwarz

So call me the victim,
of circumstances but...
I own up to what I've done.
While you cower behind, who you can blame it on.

Break me down, this ain't about the money anymore.
Fight me if you dare!

Just keep it together,
don't let yourself get caught.
Caught up in what they want.
Cause you know your better,
than what they say you are...
in fact you're everything they're not.

Break me down this aint about the money anymore.
Fight me if you dare!
Cause I am the monster. I'm the one you fear.
You needed a monster, well I'm right here.

We all have a monster.
We all are the monster.
You all are the monsters!
So I'll be your monster!

Break, me down!
Break, me down!
Cause I am the monster. I'm the one you fear.
You needed a monster, well I'm right here.


Self Titled EP September, 2008
"Everyone Pays The Gatekeeper" June, 2009
"In This Life Or The Next" set to release 3rd or 4th quarter 2010

Set List

Nearly 20 originals. Generally plays 30-60min set but can fill up to 2 hours if necessary.