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My Last Flight

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My Last Flight is a passionate, hard working indie/rock band hailing from Western Massachusetts. My Last Flight uses their musical talents is to reach out to people who are struggling with life. Their live performances are full of strong positive energy, providing healthy messages to listeners.


We are an indie/rock band out of Western Massachusetts called My Last Flight. We are hard working and dedicated musicians that would like to take our musical career a step forward. We strongly believe in the good, as well as helping out the community. Our mission as a band is to create a positive environment for young teenagers as well as show goers and provide them with a healthy message. We believe our music is strong, pure, and honest. Many of our fans come to us, write to us, and show us how much they appreciate that they have something real to listen to.

My Last Flight was founded by lead singer/guitarist Devin Donohoe in the summer of 2005 as an internet band. He went through a series of difficult times and wanted to use his life experience as an advantage to empathize and help the listeners that may be struggling with life themselves. Devin started performing as ‘My Last Flight’ on December 1st 2006, and he played over 75 shows in the first year. My Last Flight shared the stage with many national acts such as Forever The Sickest Kids, Farewell, The Forecast, Rookie of the Year, and AKACOD(ex Morphine) to name a few. After about a year of playing solo, Devin decided to make My Last Flight into a full band. He added drummer, Andrew Franklin, violinist, Ellis Kostrochkina, and guitarist, Greg Goff to the line-up. We all share the same goals and passion for music. Since then we have gained more momentum, without any help from promotion companies, booking agencies, or labels. We are also able to have over 250+ plays a day on our Myspace page.

Currently, we are recording our first 5-song EP titled "You Are Loved." Three of the demo versions (unmixed/unmastered) of our songs can be heard on As soon as we finish recording our EP, we plan to tour as much as we can and continue to spread the word.


Her Heart Was A Ghost

Written By: My Last Flight

The walls are thin voices coming through these tiny cracks
Every word is drilled into her head and its making no change
I closely study this messy room looking for a sign of emotion
There's a trail of empty bottles its leading to a broken body
"I know that you're afraid but you must feel every pain"
There's been a car crash in your brain cells these thoughts never reached your heart
The radio sings a song to itsself blocking the doctors from
reviving them, I am just another witness of this scene
and all i know is that you're not a human you've become a machine
"Don't hide your pain anymore, no matter what others say
I know that you are hurt and that is why i care"
She screamed and felt everything and tears came down like rain
"So don't you walk away, from what you truly felt"

Girls Are Girls, Not Toys

Written By: My Last Flight

She finds a way to feel complete running away from herself
In her distored mind, she's a queen of misery
she says "dont you want me baby use me use me use me
wont you make me feel complete? take me take me take"
...well I'm afraid that you'll never know how beautiful you truly are
He knows she's broken but he doesnt care
He only wants to satisfy his pleasure and feelings
"Baby won't you come with me, I'll make you feel complete
I'll make you the prettiest girl, I'll fix you, fix you, fix you"
...well I'm afraid that you'll never know how beautiful you truly are

Act I: Jealousy

Written By: My Last Flight

...a Nurse dressed in white walking down the hallway of the hospital where the tragedy happens. She starts walking closer to her new favorite patient as she smiles and closes the door. A jealous doctor he keeps staring at the door wishing that he is the one in the room. He pours some more dosage of meds in the cup and let's his emotion take over his mind. Oh, dramatic hearts are the easy victims, oh the nurse is falling in love with the patient. He slowly makes his way to the door as he trembles and sweats...heart's beating fast! So many thoughts are going in through his mind "Should I do it or should I not?" Oh, dramatic hearts are the easy victims, oh the jealous doctor has lost his mind. The patient takes a sip and collapses and the doctor says:
"Oh God what have I done there is blood on the floor, there is blood on my skin. Oh God forgive me now I will pay with my life if that's what it takes. Oh No Is that enough? No, that's not enough I will pay with my death. Oh No what I have become? I am no doctor, I am a devil!"


"You Are Loved" 5-Song EP
1. Her Heart Was A Ghost
2. Girls Are Girls, Not Toys!
3. Good God Doesn't Kill
4. My Body Is A Map Of My Life
5. Act I: Jealousy

1. Her Heart Was A Ghost
2. Good God Doesn't Kill
3. Girls Are Girls, Not Toys!

1. The Winter Song

Set List

1. Her Heart Was a Ghost
2. Girls Are Girls, Not Toys
3. Good God Doesn't Kill
4. My Body Is A Map Of My Life
5. Red Roses
6. Act I: Jealousy