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Dayton, Ohio, United States | SELF

Dayton, Ohio, United States | SELF
Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Top Five Local Releases of 2008 - The Buddha Den - 12.22.08"

4. My Latex Brain - Good Is Dead
My Latex Brain have been at this for nearly a decade at this point, and it's respective members have been in the Dayton music for even longer. What's so amazing is how Good Is Dead obliterates any so-called theory about how this is a young man's game. From Hoops' insightful stabs at...well...pretty much the entire Establishment...boiling over top of the incessant grind of drummer Roger Owsley and bassist Chris Corn, this is a band at the absolute top of their game... - Kyle Melton

"Bloodelephant Dreamchurch CD review - The Buddha Den - 1/31/10"

My Latex Brain recently issued their latest collection, Bloodelephant Dreamchurch, on local imprint Consumer Value Deluxe, returning with the skull-rattling punch of drummer Roger Owsley, bassist Chris Corn and the politically charged rants of frontman Hoops. Although the band retains much of its trademark sound on Bloodelephant Dreamchurch, every element seems raised a few notches, whether the drums crush a little more, the bass grinds out just a little more melody, or the vocals hone in on a delicate balance of paranoid screed and authoritative declaration, My Latex Brain continue to refine their idiosyncratic sonic blast into the soundtrack for the apocalypse… - Kyle Melton

"Top Local CDs of 2010 - - 12/30/10 - 1/5/11"

" unholy blend of punk rock, gutter metal, and industrial music. Not recommended for the faint of heart, but fans of discordant synthesizers, mechanized vocals, and pummeling rhythms will certainly dig this 10-song disc." - Don Thrasher

"My Latex Brain @ Canal Street Tavern 2.29.08 (show review) - The Buddha Den" last, the moment of celebration on this evening had arrived, as the post-industrial juggernaut known as My Latex Brain unleashed its new album, Good Is Dead. Although there was lengthy delay due to myriad technical difficulties, the band persevered, channeling their frustrations into their performance and elevating the intensity of their sound to nearly unbearable levels. As bassist Chris Corn and drummer Roger Owsley initiated a sonic Blitzkrieg through the venue, singer Hoops screeched and howled his mutilated rantings, the sum which resulted in an unparalleled assault on all sensory intake. Truly, MLB is one of the most exciting and inventive bands in Dayton at the moment...

Kyle Melton – The Buddha Den
- Kyle Melton

"MPMF '05 Day 1 Report - - 9/05"

"...A quick jump over to Japp’s for My Latex Brain, a three-piece shout rock outfit from Dayton, Ohio, proved fruitful. Led by the engaging Hoops the Orator, MLB lays it down hard and fast with drums, mini-keys and a bass guitar that could blow a hole in the ozone layer. Hoops himself reads his lyrics from a suitcase adorned with Christmas lights, but it’s not so much a distraction as endearing. It’s unlikely you’ll be hearing them on commercial radio anytime soon, but if you swing by my house you might just hear them blaring out the windows..." - Scott Wherle –

Link: - Scott Wherle

"Good is Dead cd review - The Neus Subjex - issue #71 (5/08)"

MY LATEX BRAIN Good is Dead CD review

Dayton, Ohio's very own My Latex Brain have been putting out the goods for a long time and this CD has brought forth their very best work to date. This diverse band has had my attention for quite some time and I'm always excited when they have a new release. 16 new tracks that come in around 40 minutes had me shaking my head in disbelief that this band could top what they have done in the past. MLB have definitely embraced the evolution of rock'n roll and keeps my attention to the city that has nothing less or more to offer except great music and with news of a EP to follow up to this CD coming soon. This will be one of the best years for this band I'm sure. For a band to record, produce and release their music gives me a great cense of pride that the music industry is falling and falling fast to the ground and this keeps bands in control of what they want to release on their own terms and inspires others to do the same. Absolutely the best local release this year so far. Highly recommended.
Dave Fishwick 05/06/2008

link: - Dave Fishwick

"My Latex Brain @ The Bagel (NXNE 2006) -"

Three grimy electro-punks who hate George Bush and love to thrash.

It might not be immediately obvious through all the weird-out political barking, echoing sci-fi samples and scrambled (through countless distorter pedals) bass, but the object of the evening was to shake the audience's punk asses. Mission, more-or-less, accomplished.

With rolling eyes, lizard tongue theatrics, and a silk-shirt and stringy-hair ensemble, frontman B. Hoops has a Manson-hippie stage presence that's hard to ignore, until you notice how intensely into the manic beat the rest of the band are.

There are plenty of punk cliches at work: jabs at the prez, eerie B-movie samples, shifting faster-than-a-locomotive time signatures. Roger Owsley's crazy-fast drumming, however, has an almost-pop sensibility and keeps the dance-party on track.

When you're playing a venue where the tiny stage could give out at any time and the sheer force of your playing knocks over your equipment and beer, telling the audience you're experiencing "technical difficulties" sure messes with reality. Forget the music; that's the stroke of brilliance.

Meets rock 'n' roll standard.

- Leah Collins

"Cover:My Latex Brain Makes Over Toronto's North By Northeast Festival - Dayton City Paper - 6/14 - 6/20/06"

...The Latex Brains play a small yet densely populated venue called The Bagel. It looks eerily similar to the place they played at last year’s Midpoint Music Fest. There is a Henry Rollins poster on the wall that I consider taking for a memento, but my Grandma directly told me not to commit any crimes while in a foreign country. Grandma is always right.
The Latex Brains pull out one of the best sets I’ve ever seen from them. Owsley, formerly of Mondolux, joined the band less than a year ago and kicks the band up about thirty energy levels. Corn plays bass like angels oughtta and Hoops, normally laidback and casual, explodes with furious excitement for the Canadian beer drinkers. For the edification of the crowd, Hoops announces when their songs are anti-Bush. We should have let Canada vote in ’04... - Tim Death

"Pending Legal Action CD Review -"

My Latex Brain - My Latex Brain - CD
My brain has just been violated by a rampant backwards talking midget and his gang of spastic schizophrenics via my ear canal, at least that’s what it felt like after I got through listening to the latest release from My Latex Brain. They remind me a lot of the band XBXRX in the way that there music is like a guerilla assault. Mix that with a convulsive Brainiac drunk on beer and Boones Farm sound and you know you have something special.

The music of My Latex Brain, rushes in, hits you in the face, grabs you by the head, flings you around and then quickly disappears. When they are done, you’re not sure which way is up. The only fault I found with this release is that it seemed over too fast. It took repeated listens to take it all in. More than once I caught myself wondering things like “is that a tabla I hear?”

The CD starts off with the brooding instrumental “Marie”, which sounded like the music of a goth/deth metal band foretelling the coming of the apocalypse. A “ Twin Peaks” sound bite, electronic dance grove and rapid fire punk goodness make up the second tune on the disc “From the Suitcase to the Alley,” which clocks in at a lean 1minute 22 seconds. It goes on like this for the next 10 minutes or so, punk rock assaults, sound bites and soft interludes, till you get to the point where you are left cowering in the corner afraid to get close to the radio. Then when you finally muster up the courage to approach your stereo like a bomb that you think the fuse has gone out on (after 31 tracks of 6-second silence), they hit you one more time with the bass driven punk tune “FIN”.

So if you’re ever in the mood to lose your mind, then pop this CD in your stereo, because My Latex Brain is the band for the task.
-- Mite (2006)

Link: - Mite

"NXNE Concert Reviews - Exclaim! Canada's Music Authority - June 2006"

My Latex Brain
Kind of like Pretty Hate Machine trying to mate with Dimebag Darrel, these Ohioans were worth checking out for their bass tone alone. Whatever their bassist plays through somehow makes his solitary instrument sound like one million orphans dying from the fallout of a nuclear disaster, and that is a very good thing. Aided by frantic drums and an energetic vocalist/keyboardist, the bass riffs are what steal the show, building songs on the most unlikely of heavy metal riffs and making them sound like they belong to another world entirely. SS
- Sam Sutherland

"My Latex Brain cd release announcement - Dayton Daily News - 2.29.08"

Since 1999, local outfit My Latex Brain has been trafficking in an extreme blend of industrial music and punk rock. "Good is Dead," the new album from Hoops (vocals, keyboards), Chris Corn (bass) and Roger Owsley (drums), is firmly in that wheelhouse but has a higher quotient of melody mixed within the noise.
"As horrible and clichéd as it is, we're maturing," Corn said. "But we're really happy with where we are as a band. With each recording we keep getting a better representation of what we think we are."
"Good is Dead," the group's second studio release on its own Consumer Value Deluxe Recordings label, is a fast-paced album with short songs that segue into each or begin a split second after the previous track ended.
"We don't like to give a lot of breathing room," Owsley said. "At first I think we had an album that was geared more toward the hardcore. It came right out of the gate and if you weren't into that you were going to shut it down after about the second or third song. We sequenced it and tried to pace it out more and make it a little catchier for everyone. It just feels right."
Part of this change can be attributed to the addition of Owsley, the former Mondolux drummer who joined MLB in 2005.
"I was always a fan of My Latex Brain so when I joined the band it was real easy to pick up on things," Owsley said. "I come from a pretty aggressive past musically and I thought a lot of the songs needed to be faster and harder."
Another factor in MLB's musical evolution is Hoops' recent studio side projects.
"It helped me bring a lot of new stuff to the table with My Latex Brain," Hoops said. "This new record has some stuff on it I wouldn't have done before. There's some of the singing stuff I never did before because I was too self-conscious. There are backing vocals we really didn't have in there before because we never thought to do it." - DonThrasher, Dayton Daily News
- Don Thrasher

"Dysplasia Royale CD review - The Neus Subjex - 2007"

MY LATEX BRAIN " Dysplasia Royale" CD

I could literally go on for days about My Latex Brain with their modern approach to HARDCORE/INDUSTRIAL style of music, after hearing them just once I was a fan and now after seeing them live they are one of my favorite bands to see. This new CD has got all the goods that come with MLB but you can feel more energy from them with this live recording. 12 songs mostly new and a few old but I like this version better, Industrial music has came a long way to make a name for itself and these guys don't hold back for a moment. Being from DAYTON, OH, you wouldn't expect too much else than your typical ROCK'N ROLL wannabe bands that don't usually add up to much by ripping off THE BREEDERS and THE PIXIES, and believe me I have seen most of them but my list is growing of amazing talent this city has to offer and MLB has made this list more than once. So do yourself a favor and get this CD, you will instantly feel better about life in general... your job... and the Government.
Dave Fishwick –The Neus Subjex

- Dave Fishwick

"Dayton Music Fest '06 Preview - - 10/02/06"

If there is a prize for the local band that earns the most accolades from their peers, it might go to these guys. My Latex Brain is always mentioned as a pillar of Dayton's indie scene, at least in our interviews with local bands. The "hi-tech/low-fi electropunk" doesn't play the structured tunes that make bands uber-famous teen-idols. Perhaps that's part of why their music resonates with so many local artists. – 10/02/06


Bloodelephant Dreamchurch (cd 2010);
Dysplasia Royale: Video Onslaught (dvd 2008);
Good Is Dead (full-length cd 2008);
Dysplasia Royale (live full-length cd 2007);
My Latex Brain / The Professors Split 7" (vinyl 2006);
WYSO Presents: Volume 2 Live (comp cd 2006);
Pending Legal Action (ep cd 2004);
My Latex Brain / Oxymoronatron Split 7" (vinyl 2004);
Dayton After Dark:Vol.II (comp cd 2004);
No Lifeguard on Duty (Pool Party Magazine comp cd 2004);
Dayton After Dark (comp cd 2003);
Odd Beta Five: the one-dollar fix ep (ep cd-r 2001)



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