Myles Alexander

Myles Alexander


Acoustically driven modern blend of folk, blues, rock, and jazz accentuated by poignant lyrics and mature guitar and harmonica work. Myles' music uses traditional songwriting forms to follow his muse and create new and interesting sounds and feeling.


Myles Alexander is a Minot North Dakota native who got a guitar for Christmas when he was 12, dove straight into rock n roll and came out the other side playing folk and blues. He is fast becoming a staple in the Minot music diet. He keeps busy raising his two children, working, and writing and playing music. Alex frequently collaberates with Joshua Gagne, also from Minot. They also perform at Ebeneezer's every Saturday night with Lynda Slorby and their band The Morning Red.


Movin' On - This Could Work Records Compilation (2006)
Live at Ebeneezer's 2007 - The Morning Red

Set List

most of my songs are between 3-5 minutes depending upon how much fun I'm having playing harmonica solos. Depending on the gig I have about 2 hours of original music and can play covers 'til the cows come home. Most of my covers are in the hippy rock, folk, and blues genre.