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Myles Kennedy

The lights dim, a small figure walks onto the stage and sings in a rich baritone voice. The lights slowly reveal a skinny, white, baby faced guy on stage with his guitar. With his deep voice and the heart of a troubadour, Myles Kennedy is ready to hit the music scene with his blend of folk rock.
Myles bought his first guitar, an Oscar Schmidt Washburn, at the age of 16 after a year of teaching himself how to play. In the last couple of years Myles has decided to diversify his sound and taught himself to play some piano and mandolin, which he uses in some recordings and live shows. Myles Kennedy is equally comfortable on stage or in a studio.
When it comes to writing Myles gets his inspiration from many different sources. Lately he has found inspiration in current events. This is evident in the track “Quiet War at Home,” which looks at native issues and gun violence in Canada, among other things. Myles states, “Much of my early work was personal expression; while that will always be part of my music, as an artist, you try to go beyond yourself.”
Myles’ folk-rock sound is vocally and lyrically driven, and he cites his inspiration from works of such artists as Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison
Myles is currently performing in the GTA, and recording songs for a new demo, which he intends to make available online, as well as at his shows.


5 song demo - released 2007

Set List

These days I'm usually doing 30-45 minute sets.
Depending on the venue I will pick songs accordingly from the list below. I have many more in my back pocket, but this is what I'm presently doing. Also, depending on the venue, I will throw in some covers, from Johnny Cash to Martha Wainwright to The Strokes.

1-These Things I Know
2-Your Wicked Hard Laughs
3-Katie Jane
4-At The End of The Day
5-DugOut of The Rubble
6-Hide The Babies
7-Grace, Old Lady
8-16th Avenue
9-Quiet War At Home
10-My Mouth's Been Dry
11-Maybe East Of Here
12-Bare Desperation
13-How Many Times
14-Losing James
15-Full Grown Loner
16-Then She Cried