My Little Radio

My Little Radio



These twenty-something's have channeled their energy, heart and emotion, and emerged onto the North American music scene a blend of melodic rock infused with snap beats and metal undertones. The members of MLR have used tragic life experiences, both personal and professional, as the driving force behind their creative process. As the band gains momentum they continue to rely on their most valuable asset; a solid and ever growing fan base, as a springboard to success.


Faith No More, HUM, The Police, Led Zeppelin, My Vitriol, alkaline trio, Willhaven, Cave-In


"Waste Another Night"
"Centurion de la Noche"
"Drive Through Diary"

These tracks have been the top downloaded songs on for unsigned bands.
They have been played on numerous college stations and Boston's 3 major rock stations.

Set List

Typical set list is 8 songs. Sets usually run 30-40 minutes. All music is original