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"Press quotes"

"The new blood of Karelian folk music." Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

"A majestic, multi-colored wall of sound." The Scotsman, Scotland

"Hearty, jovial brand of Finnish and Russian folk-rock." The Herald, Scotland

"They're just phenomenal musical spokespeople." The Times Argus,
Vermont, USA

"Thanks to groups like Myllärit, Finnish and Karelian music has gained a new appreciative audience…they were playful and entertaining, playing with
gusto." The Raivaaja, a Finnish American weekly

"It's worth remembering the name Myllarit and to go see and listen to them. It will be the best musical investment of your vacation." Canadan Uutiset, Canada

"From the time the music started to fill the Historic Ironwood Theater, until the applause died down after the last encore, the audience was captivated." Tom Dresel, The Finnish American Reporter

"One of the most popular bands in the line up for the event." Ben & Jerry's One World Heart Festival

"Everybody understands the music of Myllärit, regardless of their nationality" Karjalan Sanomat, Russian Karelia - Boxco

"Myllarit - it is very right!"

The whole year has passed since the latest large tour of "Myllarit" and now the Karelian folk-orchestra is again in Moscow! On November 12 in O.G.I. Project, on November 14 in "Kitaisky Letchik Jao-Da", on November 17 in в "Vermel", on November 18 in "TSDKH", on November 19 in "Parabar", on November 20 - tour afterparty in Cafe-Club Bad Taste and Gogol !

In summer of 1997 a strange band appeared in the hit parade of the Finish MTV. The band of real men with cunning smiles was bawling a song about how a cat was boiled in a village Tuutari: someone got its head, someone its tail and someone a fig with butter. The refrain was in Russian for some reason. The band was called Myllarit ("Millers"). Their album "Eta Pravda" was released in the Finish department of the Warner corporation and the very Sari Kaasinen was their producer, the leader of the famous ethno-band Varttina. But they come from Karelia. That is they are our guys.

For years of work "Myllarit" have changed their membership, subdued various countries but they have constantly remained the settlers of "world music" in Karelia.

Their music is multinational and colourful. The musicians keep to folklore but they are not afraid to add it modern sound.
"Myllarit" is one of the first Karelian folk-bands that let a serious contract with a foreign sound-recording company that regularly made the band the "headliners" of various festivals and gala-concerts. The unique symbiosis of the usual rock-n-roll and artless national instruments can be named their "know-how".

Despite the high recognition "Millers" don't stop at the achieved and every time they surprise with something new, always driving and sudden. Dispose yourselves to kindness, love and boundless merriment you will not be able to grieve. The hooligan folk-pank-storm falls upon the public and nobody stays indifferent. - MoscowOut, Oct.2005



From St.Petersburg (1993)
Eta Pravda (1997)
In The Light Of The White Night (1999)
A Voi Voi (2000)
The 10th Spring (2002) (Live Album)
Birth Of An Island (2003)
Metsolan Kuningas (The Lord of The Forest) 2006



Myllarit (The Millers) came together in 1992, an outgrowth of the pairing of accordionist Zobnev - described as "a world-class accordionist" in Russian Life's series titled "100 Young Russians to Watch."- with Alexander Bykadorov, who traveled Europe together playing Karelian and Russian folk music in the streets.

The unique sound of Myllarit combines traditional music and poetry of Karelia, the White Sea, Olonets and Ladoga regions, and also Russian songs of the Trans-Onega region, with elements of rock, jazz and world music.

"Karelia represents a rich mixture of so many different cultures," said Zobnev. "Our rather severe climatic conditions help to hone this musical style. It is the music of the Russian pomors (White Sea Coast natives) and Finnish and Karelian songs. It all mixes together and provides food for Myllarit."

Myllarit achieve their main impact on stage with great talent and humour. A radical difference between this group and most of the other Nordic/Russian groups is this group has male, not female, vocals.

They are outstanding live performers for that they are regularly touring in Russia, ex-Soviet Union Republics, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

Visit to get a picture of the band on stage.

They have taken part in numerous international festivals in Europe and the US, like:

Koskis, Kaustinen, Haapavesi,Ugrijuhlat, Faces, Jutajaiset,
Garage Fest,Folklandia, Kihaus, Hekajuhlat, Taiga Festival,
Celtic Connections, Fringe Festival (Scotland)
Finnish Music Festival, FinnGrandFest,
Finlandia Festival, Duluht International Folk
Watergate Festival (Estonia)
Rockbridge, Carelian Faces, Folk Marathon,
Festival of Modern Folk Music (Russia)
Folk Segovia (Spain)
Poborina Folk (Spain)

Their discography includes six albums.

Myllarit are also very active locally in their hometown Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Republic of Karelia, where they support and promote local bands through the Myllarit Center of Musical Initiatives and the organisation of musical events, such as the annual Petrozavodsk Folk Marathon.