A Poppy Rock & Roll double edged sword, Myllhouse brings the house down live, and provides catchy well written songs to everyone who hears them. The vocals are the focal point of the music, with sick harmonies that bring you to your knees, Myllhouse is a bright spot in the future of music.


The difference's between Myllhouse and every other band out there are immense. Wether you enjoy the incredibly well (self written) songs, the catchy melodies, or the fine tuned harmonies, there is something to tickle everyones fancy, which makes Myllhouse a top prospect to any label or venue. Myllhouse live bring back the old days of rock & roll where bands actually had to be talented at what they do, and bring down the house every night. Influencea like Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, The Get Up Kids, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, and Blink 182 bring fantastic music to the table for all.


Burn My Memories--2002
Single--Slight Misunderstanding
Radio Play on many college stations, as well as major market stations in Chicago (94.7 the zone, Q101, & WXRT)

Set List

Set Lists vary, but Myllhouse usually performs 10-12 original songs.