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"My Luminaries shine at South Street"

I look around me when My Luminaries take to the stage and I beam. South Street arts centre is ab-so-lutely rammed for the Reading band's first gig in a year.
All the nay-sayers who lament the local music scene in Reading is dying merely had to scan the venue with me to see how very wrong they are.

Amid the whoops and the bundled shadowy figures cupping pints of beer is an communal sense of welcome. It's a welcome back to the band who tonight return with an overwhelming glow; a band who've progressed from writing great tunes and performing them with verve into a mature perfectionist alt-rock outfit that let the songs do the talking.

The addition of Simon Jones, who stands behind a pyramid of keyboards; and cellist Angelique, adds that extra thread that delicately weaves into known tracks such as burgeoning lament Parasol, shimmeringly dark Order Of The Chaos and the exhilerating The Sound Of Music.

We are also greeted with new tracks Homewrecker, Heads Will Roll, Ambition and gig opener The Firemen.

Ending with two acoustic numbers in the encore, frontman James Ewers harnesses our utmust attention with every heartfelt note, especially with final track Clementine, inspired by fellow Readingite Kate Winslet in the film Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.

They leave the stage triumphant, and an audible sigh of disappointment reigns when the lights come back on.
Working on their debut album as I write, I'll be first in the queue when it's released. - Linda Serck - BBC

"Get in the queue for My Luminaries"

Reading band My Luminaries recently played their first gig in a year at local venue South Street, but never imagined their first London gig in 12 months would cause queues round the corner...

Following in the footsteps of Oasis, Radiohead and The Hives - Reading band My Luminaries are in London on a Friday night for their second gig in the last twelve months.
I've been watching their myspace and blogs over that year - and have never failed to be impressed. Bands can get taken for granted sometimes, taking a year out to develop your debut album gives your audience the opportunity to watch everyone else - and to gain some perspective.
I'm here at 7.45pm, the band are due on at 8.30pm and it is nicely busy. I ask the venue promoter if he has heard of them before - 'no' he replies 'but they have brought a good amount of people with them'.

8.20pm and the band are on stage plugging in. I've got 10 minutes to get a drink and I turn around to a wall of people - it is packed. I pass the promoter on the way who tells me they are going on at 9pm now as there is a queue outside for them and they cannot get people in quickly enough. A queue eh ? Best I have a look at that then....

.... the queue is around the block ! Everybody in it is waiting to see My Luminaries. There must be the same amount outside as inside so I plan ahead - 'Two pints please' - and get myself in position. The amount of people behind the small bar has trebled from two to six.

It is proper hot in here - more and more people are coming in - the band are doing their best to mingle and a very happy looking promoter lets them know they will now be starting at 9.30pm. Thank goodness - I have a cap on which has glued itself to my head.

9.32pm - 'Good evening London!' (big cheer). 'We are My Luminaries' (big cheer). 'We have some new songs for you tonight' ('RAY!).

First out of the bag is The Firemen. New. A gentle opener with folk overtones and some Aladdin Sane running through it for good measure. They have a guy now called Simon Jones who plays piano and guitar and he sounds like a fine addition. The song catches me out - you think you've got it sussed but then at about three mins it goes off on one.

Welcome is next. We know this one and surely a strong contender for album inclusion. Mr piano man makes this different to how I remember with 'Like Clockwork / Johnny Fingers' style playing - two cracking songs so far which sound like they have been around forever.

Simon goes on to guitar next for A Little Declaration. A well respected tune of theirs - the extra guitar and cello (from their other new member - Angelique) has a six-piece Luminaries smashing this one out there. This line-up works.

There is steam coming from people's heads and ickle droplets of sweat on the ceiling of the room - Parasol is next and we could almost do with one. Hard hitting drums and disjointed piano work are brought together with a dynamic front line vocal. 'We love playing this song' they announce at the beginning and at the end of it man I love it. A newie. Single written all over it.

Homewrecker is new too. James takes to the harmonica and it is times like these I wish people still bootlegged gigs - this song is great and I could do without waiting two months to hear it again. I've only written two words in my notes - 'classic Dylanesque'.

An Order From The Chaos sees the vocals really getting ripped in to - the sound is now huge - essential as the crowd are getting louder and louder. January and March 2009 sees the band nail their debut with the chap who did The Black Crowes album - and you can't help but wonder at their arsenal of songs. There is no 'Outsider' tonight - no 'Jumping' - no 'Petrol Station' - what are they going to put on the thing? What's it going to look like? Aaah. It feels good to be a fan of music once more.

Rimmel (cosmetics) know what I'm on about here. A nice cheque for the next one - the brilliant - Sound of Music - has enabled the above mentioned album to be recorded how the band wish and if I could pick an opening tune for the record - this would be it. The build-up teases you until 'that' riff comes in and it does not let up - a fantastic song.

The demo of Clementine at - barely hints at what is coming. Live - and surely on the album - are harmonies to make the Beach Boys jealous. It all seems so easy - there are no muckups, no string breakages - and with a guitarist who plays seven instruments and a band using 24 channels of sound - you know they are ripe and ready to jump straight in with the biggest of the guns.

The closer - Heads Will Roll - is new once more and another single for me. It has been a great night and a masterclass of set progression.

We ask for an encore of course - the venue is way behind on their scheduling now and good luck to whoever has to follow that.

Too much claustrophobia in there now for me - I'm off with a spring in my step and a grin on my face. - Laurence Hoare - BBC


Order From The Chaos (2009) - Debut Album. Physical release scheduled for 2010

...Let The People Decide (2007) - 7 track live album, bought via a donation on the band's website (50% of proceeds to Jail Guitar Doors Reading campaign)

The Outsider Steps Inside (2007) - Grönland, Single. 7" Vinyl & Download

Jumping the Great White (2006) - Grönland, single. 7" Vinyl & Download

All I Really Want (2006) - Xtra Mile, single. Split 7" vinyl with No1 Son

Musaic (2005) — Self-produced EP



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