My Mathematical Mind

My Mathematical Mind

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

My Mathematical Mind is an indie electronica band from Toronto creating beat shattering anthems that cry out against the disenchantment of early adulthood.


My Mathematical Mind indie electronica band created by veteran singer songwriters Paul Forrester (Brute Force Romeo, Hello Suburbia) and Andrew Ricchetti (Streetlight Marathon, Andy Hollywood). Their influences include bands such as Metric and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as well as emerging acts such as Bastille and Imagine Dragons.

"Andrew had been experimenting with synthesizers and electronic sounds while taking courses at Berklee. Hearing some of the lyrics that I had been writing and recording acoustically he wanted to put the music to the more danceable beat. The results were dynamic.” In 2012 they have just released their debut EP produced by award winning producer Laurrence Currie (Sloan, Holy Fuck). 

In 2013, Andrew left the band to focus on Streetlight Marathon full time, while the band was joined by drummer, Gord Smith, bass player, Dru Viergever (@druviergever), and synth/keyboardist, Janice Kwan (aka Juliana's Daughter They’ve been working hard on a new EP to be released later in 2014.

Antigravity is the first single from My Mathematical Mind’s upcoming EP. It features a harrowing love story set to a ghostly indietronica beat. The lyrics are more raw and vulnerable than their previous releases. “Pain is an anchor in the Earth/with the magnetism of anger and of hurt. Hope is an angel from above/Antigravity, your beauty and your love."

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Written By: Paul Forrester

Pain, is an anchor in the earth
With the magnetism of anger and of hurt
Hope, is an angel from above
Antigravity, your beauty and your love

Fear, there’s so much I want to say
But my vanity keeps pushing her away
And Love, is learning how to trust
Antigravity between the two of us

Dreams, keep us sheltered from the fate
Of a world that’s filled with ignorance and hate
Because life, after everything they did
Antigravity is all that I can give

If the light comes, when the day breaks
Please don’t turn back, to try to save me
I’ll find a way to make it through, a way back home to you

When our long forgotten bones
Are an ancient rumour buried in the stones
Love, I know that I’ll survive
Antigravity, I see it in your eyes


Antigravity - Single

Electric Dreams EP

Beijing - Single

The Children are Vampires - Single

Set List

Algebra (Extended)
We Were Young
The Children are Vampires
You wanted a hit (LCD Sound System Cover)
New Horizons