My Milky Way Arms
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My Milky Way Arms


Band Pop EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Local Vertical"

"Like staring right into the Milky Way itself, experiencing this music will leave the listener feeling utterly insignificant." - Local Vertical

"The Devil Has The Best Tuna"

"Check out My Milky Way Arms, you know it makes sense." - The Devil Has The Best Tuna

"Life Is A Stereo"

"Their densely layered sonic compositions sound out of this world." - Life Is A Stereo


"My Milky Way Arms have what it takes to get music listener's attention. We strongly recommend you to check them out." - Untyteld

"We Heart Music"

"I think you'll really enjoy these guys." - We Heart Music


"This is truly unmistakable and utterly masterful." - MP3Hugger

"The Run-Off Groove"

"I can see My Milky Way Arms becoming the next it band within the next few years." - The Run-Off Groove

"Paul Zimmerman, First Coast News"

"Epic and as vast as the Milk Way itself. Seriously short and sweet, but completely awesome stuff that will make you look towards the heavens." - Paul Zimmerman, First Coast News


My Milky Way Arms EP
Lightsaber Circuit Breaker LP

The EP received heavy radio airplay in 2008 on independent and college radio. The LP is currently in rotation on independent and college radio, debuting in the top five on the CMJ charts.



Following a period of touring, Hill relocated to Austin, and with his new home came a new sound. Hill began utilizing his new found appreciation for music software to write completely new material. This indulgence in digital software and synthesizers brought a new energy to My Milky Way Arms. Hill felt this new energy reminiscent of his childhood obsessions and became personified in everything from his singing style to playing technique. One phrase seemed to sum this up: Lightsaber Circuit Breaker -- the title of the new My Milky Way Arms album.

On Lightsaber Circuit Breaker, Hill assumes the outer space alter ego of Space Kill and sets out on a dangerous, yet spiritual quest to Earth to find his true inner self, and the secret of his newly acquired, yet strange super powers that began developing in his adolescence.

Entering Earth's atmosphere, Space Kill loses control of his ship, crashing into the northern Arctic icy tundra. Having traveled for weeks, lost in the cold and on the brink of insanity, Space Kill happens upon a massive castle of ice and snow. Inside, he finds an elaborate collection of glistening crystals, each one producing a specific frequency.

To his utter surprise, these crystals are simple in nature to manipulate, and Space Kill was soon arranging and composing symphonies in the comfort of his newly discovered fortress of solitude. Lightsaber Circuit Breaker contains the super tweaked electronic versions of these original crystal operas. Having found the meaning behind his powers, Space Kill has now realized his purpose in sharing these melodies with all of mankind.