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My M.O.

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative EDM




"CD review - My M.O., Bonfire (2011)"

My M.O.'s music is like fusion cuisine: disparate traditions meld together to create a bridge between worlds. Like their music, the three women in the band come from different worlds: an Australian rapper, a Texas DJ, and a Jamaican guitarist. The combination on Bonfire is clearly pop oriented, but happy to borrow from electro, club beats, and rock.

The lead off track, Bonfire Man starts out with an indie pop feel. The sparse, contrasting guitar parts set a mood, but then the bass and the beat move it firmly into a club space. The vocal treatment adds its vote for the club. Despite all this, though, the shreds of distorted guitar and sweet keyboard riffs force the song into a middle ground. The net effect is an extremely catchy, dreamy pop gem. The segue into What I Want is nicely executed, taking a dreamy start that echoes a piece of Bonfire Man's lyric. This time the groove settles into electro pop crossed with modern pop. - Parrotized


Think of the great pop girl groups of history: The Shangri-Las, The Supremes, Destiny’s Child. Where have they gone? Who will take over that divine tradition of ladies in harmony (with synchronized dance moves) in the new millennium? Whose songs will we lip-synch to in our bedrooms, using hairbrushes as microphones? Probably, the crown will go to an unstoppable K-pop group like 2NE1 or Girl’s Generation and the world will learn to lip-synch in Korean.

But, failing that, I’d like to nominate Brooklyn’s My M.O. for the title. I don’t think there’s ever been a singing trio quite like them. The members hail from three different countries: Australia, Jamaica, and Texas (as their brilliant bio puts it.) And this international triad is reflected in the eclecticism of their music. - MTV iggy

"Blazing Hot Synthpop"

We’ve been waiting for Bonfire, the debut full-length from Brooklyn synthpop trio My M.O. since last year. The wait is over now and we can’t wait to share the joy. The ladies of My M.O. hail from three different countries and form a kind of girl group for the new millennium. Picture the ethereal art-pop of Bat for Lashes or Chairlift but with three vocalists and three times the flavor. It has the intriguing quirks and DIY aesthetic of Fol Chen – but not as precious.

The single “Bonfire Man” is the multi-colored jewel in this princess tiara. It has the tropical sweetness of chillwave but with more traditional pop structure and real girl backbone in it. “Modus Operandi” has the deadpan, electro bad girl come-on of Le Tigre or Peaches. “Love Me Down” is a cool girl love jam that TLC or En Vogue would have killed to get the rights to in the ’90s. (See also: “Paper Chase”) Then “Rock Steady” has this crazy future-dub vibe that makes it another stand out on an album full of them. Basically, My M.O. is every woman all the time.
- MTV iggy

"‘Bonfire’ offers eclectic mix that defies genre"

My M.O.’s album, Bonfire, lives up to the band’s name and features a mix of music that seems to please them. With the band members hailing from all across the world (Texas, Australia and Jamaica), they bring together the sounds of their respective countries and ignore any sense of genre boundaries.

The album begins with the calm “Mulholland Drive.” The vocals harmonize and lead singer Erika Buestami mutters into an infectious haze. The single “Bonfire Man” is a catchy tune under a smooth melody that goes down like a good drink. The song also features lyrics bound to puzzle (“Excuse me, are you Mexican?”). - Daily Texan

"Video: My M.O., “Monkey”"

"Here in the U.S. polygamy might be frowned upon (by conservatives), but in the video to My M.O.’s “Monkey,” the band makes you think, “Hey, why not?” It’s funny to think about having your cake and eating it too, but Dion, Katy and Erika, the ladies of My M.O. take the lifestyle more seriously by holding a spiritual ceremony to give their unconventional relationship the respect it deserves. Sorry, it’s not exactly the tale of unrequited love the way Woody Allen would have pictured. My M.O. at least make it to the wedding. " - Fader

"My M.O. “Love Me Down""

My M.O. is the type of independent group that have their act together. The Brooklyn-based trio really has to be about their business because they stand for the high-brow term “modus operandi.” There is a method to how the three ladies operate: Dion Mac plays guitar, Erika Buestemi sings lead and Katy Walker provides the nucleus of the group’s keyboard-heavy sound on top of housing My M.O. on her Unemployable Music label. Their M.O. is really DIY. Do It Yourself is such an exhausted expression though, where My M.O. hasn’t even broken a sweat at opening up Brooklyn to their electro/pop offerings and Katy’s regular DJ gigs - Fader

"My M.O."

This Brooklyn based band is comprised of three young women whose musical style is a harmonic blending of sounds that create a thumpin’ pop mix of ethereal beats and lyrics, though it should be said, that because the band has such a subtle hand in culling together such a broad range of sound, it’s nearly impossible to peg them into any specific genre. So, let’s just say this: The music is damn good. -


Monkey Remix EP (August 2010)

Bonfire (August 2011)



Hailing from all points on the globe (Texas, Australia, Jamaica), My M.O. represents New York City’s convergence of cultures at its best. Erika Buestami aka Enki is a singer and rapper from Australia, who handles lead vocals and bass. Katy Walker is a veteran DJ, originally from Texas, who plays keys, contributes vocals and produces their songs. Dion Mac is a Jamaican-born guitarist who adds to the medley of vocals. Together, they subtly cull their broad range of influences into a tasty blend of ethereal beats and saucy lyrics.

The band is making waves with their second release, the full length album, Bonfire, and last summer’s Monkey Remix EP out on Unemployable Music. Their music video for “Monkey” and “Bonfire Man” directed by Joel Mejia aka Azusu, who also plays in the band, exemplifies their talent for creating their own short films/ music videos. When performing live, they are a five-piece act, (3 vox, bass, 2 guitars, synth/piano drum machine and kaossilator) regularly playing shows on the NYC circuit.