My Morning Radio

My Morning Radio


My Morning Radio conveys pop-sensibility with an indie heart. My Morning Radio captures a sound that is both catchy, refreshing and real. For fans of: The Get Up Kids, Jets To Brazil, Elliott Smith, Ben Folds Five, etc.


My Morning Radio:

My Morning Radio was named after the writing process that spawned their sound. "As a songwriter, I don't write anything down. So somedays I'll write a whole song and openly forget it by the time I wake up the next morning. Often times I can remember lyrics, but not the melodies. If I wake up with the song in my head I have the song forever, if I don't, it's lost forever..." Hence the name, My Morning Radio.

As a band, My Morning Radio has always followed the motto: "That good music saves lives" In the beginning the goal for My Morning Radio was to give recorded material to artists that saved their lives in an effort to give back to their idols. However, since that time, My Morning Radio has progressed into a working band that is ready to take their music to the next level and hopefully inspire new artists.

Since their inception, My Morning Radio has played countless shows in the northeast and new england areas in an effort to spread the word about their band. They have shared the stage with notable acts like: The Format (Elektra Records), The Killing Moon (Fearless Records), Lux Courageous (Triple Crown Records), Feeling Left Out (LLR Records), Hometown Anthem (Emerald Moon Records), Crime In Stereo (Blackout Records), Vanna (Epitaph Records), etc.

In a scene where nothing is handed to you, My Morning Radio feels they have what it takes to earn respect. Since 2003, My Morning Radio has had its fair share of bumps and bruises. The band has gone through 7 line-up changes and has survived the task of transplanting themselves from Philly, PA. to Providence, RI. Recently faced with the difficult decision of replacing another member, singer & songwriter Brian Joyce decided to go it alone coming full circle from where he started just three years ago.

Now a one man act, My Morning Radio takes off where the band left off, playing with a sincerity that escapes most artists. Whatever is in store for My Morning Radio one thing is sure, singer & songwriter Brian Joyce will play with the intensity of a man trying to save lives.


If we should part

Written By: My Morning Radio

She’s packed up all her bags, but she’s not going anywhere, well no not yet. These endless stares across dining room tables speak volumes for just what we’re capable of. But she’s picking at her food, because no one really wants to choose when they feel lost. At night I wish I could flick that switch and change everything in my life, just for her.

Can you hear this or should I turn it up a notch? I’ve got something important to say, and I’m screaming out my lungs. I’m sorry for the mess I made of everything that was, but you still hold bookends to my life so stay in touch.

I know you hate it when, I give myself to everything, except for you. If you scratched at the meaning I think that you would plainly see, it’s all for you. At night I wish I could flick that switch and become an overnight success for you, ‘cause then we wouldn’t have these doubts for each of us to figure out and that’s the truth, but what do you do!

Figuring out the obvious

Written By: My Morning Radio

Waiting on this setting sun, I wish that I could start over again, with a thought that no one wins. If it’s all just smoke and mirrors, I’ll watch it until our dreams just disappear; as we toast to a better year.

For figuring out the obvious, way too late, and I’m ashamed. I’m figuring out the years way too late.

So, I’m waiting on this setting sun, a note that I cannot return again, and a thought that no one wins. If it’s all just smoke and mirrors, I’ll watch until our dreams just disappear; as we toast to our bitter years.


Written By: My Morning Radio

A broken dream, a broken night, a broken point of view to life, and I’m feeling so used up. Jawbreaker inside my car, I screamed every word so hard. I’d like to thank you, but I don’t know where to start.

This song’s for those years I starved, and all those nights I slept in cars, way before I played guitar. And this song’s for those years I wished, I had a single home to miss, waiting for my life to start.

A crooked smile, a crooked spine, a crooked way to pass my time, and I’m feeling so abused. Twenty times around the block, I swear I’ve never felt so lost. In this vagrant’s life, I dodged every single cop.


We Put The "end" in Friends
Released: 2004

Set List

Homesick (song 5)
If We Should Part
Kids Who Never Cared
Don't Say
That Was then This is Now
Too Young To Feel This Tired
For Tommy
Years To Let Go

Set list usually runs between 30-45 minutes.