My Mosaic

My Mosaic

 Madison, Georgia, USA

My Mosaic is a mix of rock, blues, and sultry vocals. With a few cover songs sprinkled in for added flavor, most of the music that originates here is heartfelt/passionate love songs to God.


Hollie started singing on stage at the age of 5 in church mostly. At 13 years of age, she began singing publicly at various social functions. When Hollie was 17 years old, she picked up the guitar and started writing songs from her heart, focusing on what she knew- God's love, life, and pain. While in college, Hollie led worship for a campus ministry, playing at churches, detention centers, and festivals. She played guitar and sang for The Children of Desolation; a band her now ex-husband led. Then played bass and sang for The Mercury Veil; a band her now ex-husband also spearheaded.

Wanting to branch out and start anew, Hollie began to rediscover why she started playing music in the first place. She began to redirect the focus of her music and is still finding her vision for her new project, My Mosaic. She hopes to bring a new sound and new hope to people in need of purpose and God's love.