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My Name is August

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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"My Name is August reach "A Higher PLace""

My Name Is August reach "A Higher Place:
By Jon Dorfman '11
Published: Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Updated: Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In late 2009, Michael August, of My Name is August, finished recording his band’s new CD, “A Higher Place.” The disc was launched on Jan. 8, 2010 at a CD release party for a packed crowd at World Café Live in conjunction with Tim McGlone and his band, The Turn. After spending some time with the new five-track album, it becomes clear that “A Higher Place” takes a different direction than My Name is August’s 2008 debut album, “8.”
Compared to the eight songs on My Name is August’s debut album and 10 on McGlone’s debut album, “Street Sounds,” “A Higher Place” is a brief music experience. At about half the amount of tracks usually found on albums, some fans may feel cheated by the amount of tracks (or the lack thereof) on the band’s latest effort.
While My Name is August’s debut album was full of upbeat, chipper songs, “A Higher Place” seems to focus on the relationships that form between close friends. Most songs on the album are stories of people dealing with the ending of these relationships. For instance, “Half the Girl” is a story about a girl who feels incomplete without her former lover in her life. The song’s chorus even ends with, “Without true love, all I have left is me.” “Half the Girl” reminds us that even so-called “true love” is not without its problems.
That said, there is one upbeat, chipper song on the disc. “Easy to Love” is about somebody telling a friend that she is “so easy to love.” But not all the songs on the album are about love and relationships. “Names,” the last song on the album, was written specifically for the families and friends of those who died in service during the war in Iraq.
The music of My Name is August sounds comfortably familiar. Michael August’s voice is reminiscent of Rob Thomas’, the lead singer from the popular alternative rock band, Matchbox Twenty. Even the musical styling of My Name is August is similar. It is as if Matchbox Twenty had a particular influence on Michael August’s band.
“A Higher Place” is a short but sweet album meant to evoke some sense of emotion in its listeners. The album certainly knows its purpose and finely executes it in bittersweet fashion.
While the album has yet to appear on the iTunes store (or even on My Name is August’s online store, for that matter), fans can still listen to the entire album for free on My Name is August’s account. The album is definitely worth a listen, and if fans wish to obtain a personal copy of the album, they are encouraged to contact the band via their account. Either way, listeners are sure to be satisfied with what they hear. - The Hawk: St. Joseph's University Press

"MNIA Co-Hosts live on 93.7 WSTW"

"One of the best bands you've never heard...yet" DJ Mark Rogers. - Delaware's 93.7 WSTW

"August and Eric Perform Live of NBC's The 10! Show"

August and Eric perform live on NBC's the 10! Show. March 2007 - NBC the 10! Show

"My Name is August Performs Intense Show At World Cafe Live"

Article by Jade Smith - University of Penn Press

"MNIA selected for Born to Play"

My Name is August was selected to perform original music at the GAP in New York City. - The Gap Clothing Stores


'A Higher Place - EP' (2010)
-A Higher Place (track 1) is played regionally on Delaware's 93.7WSTW, Philadelphia's Top Rock Station 93.3 WMMR as well as internationally in Hamburg Germany.

'8' (2008)
- Astronaut Song (track 1) was #1 requested song on Delaware's 93.7 WSTW
- Caroline (Track2) is receiving airplay on 93.7 WSTW and many college stations around the country.
"Astronaut Song" & "Caroline" are also receiving airplay on Germany's top Rock stations.

'Time Out of Mind' (2007)
-'Moonlight Serenade' 93.7 wstw, 88.5 wxpn, college radio
-'Brick by Brick' most requested on 93.7 WSTW,
-'Dragonfly' 93.7 wstw, Q104.1NYC, Hamburg Nights, Popular German rock station in Hamburg
-'Borrowed & Blue' 93.3wmmr



Remember that kid that you hear about, the one that grew up in a music school, racing from room to room, banging on instruments, making the conservatory his playground?

I am that kid. My name is August and music is, and has always been , my life. The creation, the performing…it is all that I have ever known.

My grandpop first started to teach me violin when I was three and I began formally playing the piano at five. First song written? That would have been fifth grade. All of this was great until I hit high school and rebelled. You know how most kids pick up the guitar in high school to rebel? I put mine down and picked up a soccer ball.

This lasted for four years until my friends and I, all jocks, were recruited by the choral director to populate the chorus and the school play, in the hopes of raising their cool factor. That was all it took and I found my way back to my heart, my essence, my self. Singing. Performing. Writing.

So, that’s me. But there is more to My Name is August than just me and I know enough to recognize that. Way back in 2004, I met Eric Schwank, another songwriter who shared the same compulsion, no, need to write. Constantly. Incessantly. Continually. Instantly, we recognized our shared musical vision and this began our journey. Adding to the magic that makes up a strong working band’s success, I met Bill Grillo in 2005. Not only is Bill an outstanding drummer and overall musician, but he has been a huge contributor and an inspirational spirit. After six years, a couple of different bands and thousands (and thousands!) of cups of coffee, I think we have finally gotten it right.

After the release of our debut album ‘8’ and our latest EP,
‘A Higher Place’, we have been fortunate enough to sell 10,000+ CD’s and Mp3’s and build a substantial indie following. The friends and fans we’ve met along the way have helped us to sell-out venues like World Café Live and Grape Street in Philadelphia, The Bitter End in NYC and countless college campuses all along the East Coast and Midwest, while also creating a buzz with labels, publishers, mass media and you. ;)

What inspires me? What music do I like to listen to? I have a strong affinity for the classic and intelligent pop music of Billy Joel and the Beatles. I freely admit that I’m a bit jealous of John Mayer and Dave Matthews for screwing with the “formula” and getting it perfect every time. Listening to my first Counting Crows album is what inspired me to begin writing. (In fact, I’m listening to the Crows latest album at this very moment) Eric, well, Eric is infatuated with the lyrics of Nick Cave and Tom Waits, the beautifully raw songwriting of Francis Dunnery. And did you know that Eric picked up the guitar for the first time after hearing the Edge play for U2? If you have yet to hear our music, people compare us to the likes of The Fray, Matt Nathanson, Augustana, Train and Ben Folds. In the end, I can’t say that we sound exactly like any one of these great artists specifically, but at least you’ll understand our foundation.

I have lent my talents to many charitable endeavors, most notably Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties where I have performed for the last few years at their largest fundraiser, BowlForKidsSake and for whom I have currently finished a song for their agency’s mission video and new ad campaign.

Without further ado, I would like to present,
“My Name is August”, an energetic, soulful and infectious blend of singer/songwriter pop-rock. We are prolific songwriters and recording artists, determined on creating music and performances that are simply unforgettable. I hope you enjoy your time with us.