My Name Is Claude

My Name Is Claude


The poetic, haunting baroque pop songs of My Name Is Claude present a powerful cinematic performance. Rich, vibrant instrumentation of synth, piano, double bass & harp bear Claude's warm, resonating voice. Minimalistic moments provide depth and contrast, with songs simultaneously sonorous and spare.


***Following the 2011 release Science of Doubt, My Name is Claude has begun an evolution. On a stage of strings, synthesizers and deep bass, Claude is now creating characters with his voice, allowing them to play out their stories through his music.***


After a year spent recording and honing live performance which has brought them to such acclaimed stages as Paris’ Centre Georges Pompidou and la Gaîté Lyrique, My Name is Claude, the intensely personal and poetic music of Claude Ferland, released ‘Science of Doubt’, the first full-length album of this baroque-pop band from Berlin. The official worldwide release was on Friday September 23, 2011 at St Elisabeth-Kirche, Invalidenstraße 3, 10115 Berlin. The former church is a cultural landmark in Berlin, and was chosen for this important night specifically for its impressive architecture and central location. The soft release concert was held with great success at the exclusive le Carmen in Paris on Friday July 1, 2011.
The first run of ‘Science of Doubt’ is 1000 hand finished albums, which can be ordered online at The album is available physically and in high audio quality on bandcamp, as well as through regular digital streams including iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Inspired by the release of ‘Science of Doubt’ in Berlin, director Tristan Milewski (MTV Access All Areas, MTV Masters, Fett MTV, MTV Diary…) is beginning work on a documentary feature about My Name Is Claude. He is known for his work with artists including Britney Spears, Eminem, Marilyn Manson, Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Pink. A live DVD is also currently in production.

"He makes music. (...) He's not completely of this world. But he's about to conquer it” wrote Peter Richter in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany’s foremost cultural newspaper. Claude Ferland is a multi-disciplinary musician whose creativity manifests in the oeuvre of My Name Is Claude. At the intersection of minimal classic arrangements and new technological sounds, My Name Is Claude writes and performs hauntingly melancholic songs that you may recognise as baroque pop.

On stage, Claude reconciles his grounding in classical instrumentation, his development in electronica, and his collaborations with a myriad of musicians. His performance focuses on his natural instrument, and Claude's resonating voice swells to fill the room, juxtaposing his deep and playful lyrics with his fragile physical beauty and elaborate costumes designed by lauded fashion designer Mads Dinesen. Using the stage as a creative object, video art is employed to design the stage, projected directly onto the musicians, and the affecting images deepen the dark musical theatre atmosphere. Live performance, from the small bars of Berlin to the grandest Parisian theaters including the Centre Georges Pompidou, is an intimate and revealing process that Claude variously describes as being undressed, metaphorically, and completed, artistically.

In the midst of a bleak Berlin winter, Claude recorded an album of compositions involving electronic elements, contra-bass, piano and harp accompaniment, co-produced by himself and Sylvain Carroz. This album, his debut long-player “Science Of Doubt” was released in September 2011. As well as recurring themes of love, loss and solitude, “Science Of Doubt” examines the troubled relationship between mankind and knowledge, science and the paradoxes that exist within.

My Name is Claude is Claude Ferland’s most assured incarnation yet, and his album Science of Doubt its perfect manifestation; where storytelling and confession, performance and reality, art and fashion combine for a truly revealing, captivating and disarming form of creative expression. Feet on the ground, head in the clouds, and accompanied by what he calls his “imaginary troop of elephants and giant blue butterflies”, My Name Is Claude now walks the world, sharing the sounds of his disarming and touching music.


'Always Lost Somewhere' (demo) 2008
'Camille voit la neige' (3 track EP) 2010
'Science of Doubt' (full length album) 2011

Set List

minimum 45 minutes, maximum 65 minutes, all original material.

Performance could be either the complete 2011 concert 'Science of Doubt' or a combination including the new 2012 material (as yet unperformed and unnamed) which features heavier bass and a more pop/dance based style.