my name is mark

my name is mark

 Clarkston, Georgia, USA

I'm a singer songwriter from Atlanta whose influences range from Seal to NIN (whatever that means). My songs are honest, hopefully sticky, and will make you laugh, think and drink. And my sets are 'love song' free ;-)


My name is Mark. I live in Atlanta.

I started writing music again in September of 2011 after a 9 year hiatus. I stopped playing after losing a fiance to cancer in 2003. Frankly, music didn't mean shit to me. I needed to physically move so I got my motorcycle license and rode a lot. I sold most of my gear and just left myself a few acoustic guitars which I almost never picked up for many years.

During the spring of 2011, I had my Larrivee acoustic repaired as the bridge was starting to come off the body. Once repaired, I started leaving it out on a stand and gradually started to pick it up some, usually when I had caught a buzz (lol). In early September of 2011, at my sister's cabin in the north Georgia mountains, my awesome girlfriend challenged me; she said that every time I picked it up I played the same 4 or 5 little chunks of music and I should turn one into a song.

So, I wrote a song called 'light rain' and now I'm now working on my 25th song :-) Many of them are presented here as demos, live videos, etc.

My plan is to keep writing, performing, recording and presenting my songs to anyone who will listen. Maybe I can sell a song as well. And at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is how well you can perform live. How good my songs are and how well I can perform them I will leave for you to decide.

Thanks for listening.

My name is Mark


The Cabin Song

Written By: Mark Augustyn

Welcome to my sister's cabin in the woods
Everybody is themselves there
Fresh picked sweet corn bushels ahead just two miles
Everybody feeds themselves there

At my sister's cabin in the woods
At my sister's cabin feeling good
Yes we do, we really do

I see cows they sit on the table by the door
In the middle there are some bears
But the cows don't care
Cause the bears are friends of theirs
Then one day we came to find a bat
Stuck in a mouse trap
And we felt really bad
Cause the bat just wanted a snack

At my sister's cabin in the woods
At my sister's cabin feeling good
Have a meal and make a drink and burn a fire
Go for a walk up in the hills and get away for a while
Far away, from it all

I'll miss all those hours
We spent in those trees
Chilly fall mornings
Leaves under feet

At my sister's cabin
High up in the woods
Where the stars are brighter
And the silence is good


Written By: Mark Augustyn

Do you like to burn
All that you can
I like it to
Wanna be my friend

So we can burn, all night long

Candles at both ends
Suits me just fine
Or a big campfire
I'll do anytime

So we can burn, all night long

When we burn
I think about you and I feel it getting hot
When we burn
Fells like it's never gonna stop
When we burn

Some like to lay down
on the beach
Then others prefer
Mother Nature's treats

So we can burn, all night long

When we burn
It makes everybody feel all warm inside
When we burn
Always my friends to the left and right
When we burn

When we burn
It always feels so good
No matter what we choose
It's always up to you
When we burn
Select with care
Cause we want you there
When we burn
When we burn


Written By: Mark Augustyn

I want a slice of pizza
to satisfy my need
a big old pepperoni and cheese
just put it there for me

I want some pizza

they say the moon is made of cheese
but I would disagree
it's actually a huge pizza pie
waiting there for me

I want some pizza

I wish you were a pizza
cause then I could eat you
tomato sauce from head to toe
with mozzarella too

I want some pizza

pepperoni Italian sausage ham or bacon bits
mushrooms onions green peppers some veggies for the kids
even frozen pizza from the grocery store is good when you are desperate

let's go over to Aldo's place
and get a piece of pie
it doesn't matter that the lines to long
need a slice before I die

I want some pizza

It Is Good

Written By: Mark Augustyn

i never realized that you weer so upset
it seems so obvious to me now
all of those times when you would sit alone and fret cause you weren't rich and famous yet but wanted to be so

don't be so down
you're still around

maybe it's time to reevaluate your goals
cause fame and fortune they are fleeting
do you have two working legs and can you get yourself out your bed all by yourself without assistance

don't be so down
you're still around
to hear this sound
and it is good

could it be that you are due for some kind of break
maybe it's time for a vacation
if you took all that you had and sold it off that wouldn't be bad cause then you could go travel round the world

don't be so down
you're still around
to hear this sound
and it is good