We are a diversified metal band with a style of our own we strive to make our music appeal to a broader range of people


We have a wide range of influences from rock and metal to jazz and blues , it helps us accomplish the sound we have and the style we bring to the fans , our sound and the way we write our songs is what helps us stand out from other bands , our hard work and desire to make great music that all people can listen to is what sets us apart from other bands, We have played many venues acrossed north and south carolina and always looking for new venues search out to .


Working on our new CD some tracks are ready check the audio section,our new band pictures will be posted on here soon

Set List

Our set is an hour long and all originals songs listed below

Lost cause
Whats it going to be
Clown dance
Where i can
I own you
Sad scale
Clear the path