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The best kept secret in music


"Local band to put on Rock Show"

by linda egan
the signpost

Ever since he was a little kid, Pat Dryburgh was a performer. One of his earliest memories is standing infront of the fireplace at his Dorchester home and putting on a show for his parents and family members, plraying a toy guitar and singing. Later, while at student at Lord Dorchester, he would perform at coffee houses.

Today, at 20 Dryburgh is still performing, but now he has his own band and plays to larger crowds. Dryburgh's band is called " My New Obsession", and consists of three young men, occasionally a fourth. Dryburgh who also works at Clarke's Foodland, plays guitar and piano and is the lead singer.

" I love it," he says. "Playing in front of people is one of my favourite things to do." My New Obsession plays Christian rock, with influences ranging from pop, to rock, to punk. The music is mostly upbeat with catchy melodies, that are penned by Dryburgh himself.

The songs are person, touching on high and low points of life. Dryburgh says he experienced plenty of both while a student at Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener.
"Writing is not always easy he admits." It comes and goes in spurts." He says it can be a struggle to write sometimes, especially since his songs are so personal. At the same time, he finds it very cathartic.

My New Obsession will celebrate the release of a new Cd with two shows this weekend, in London and Waterloo. The London show is being held at Glad Tidings Assembly on Wonderland road, at 7pm on Friday, November 25th. It's an alll-ages show with no alcohol being served.

Dryburgh says the music is accessible for all ages. " Eight year olds love our music and college students too." He says the music is "mature enough that its appropriate for all age groups."

Anyone interested in attending Friday evening's show can purchase tickets at the door. Dryburgh and his band are working on scheduling more shows across Ontario and he hopes to do a New Years Eve show in London. - The Signpost

"Interview: My New Obsession"

Space Junkies: What kind of mood or message do you try to convey to your listeners in My New Obsession? What do you hope they will experience while giving your music a listen?

Pat Dryburgh: That’s a pretty big question, haha. I guess the best way to describe the mood we’re going for is a joyful-soulsearch. We want people to feel affirmed about who they are, and about their self esteem and everything, but at the same time we want them to be challenged to look at where they’re at in life and maybe ask themselves how they can improve and in what areas. If that means things like where they’re at spiritually, or intellectually or whatever, we just want to encourage people to keep growing and keep challenging.

SJ: When you’re writing and recording your music do you focus in on what you love musically or do you also try to incorporate elements that you know your listeners might be hoping to hear?

PD: I’ve been writing songs for about 8 years now, and I think if you asked any one of my friends what the single most persistent element of my song writing is, it’s the catchiness. I always try to find that hook, that part that no matter what I write about, people enjoy what they’re hearing.

Also, I realize that I can’t please everyone, so I find that if I write a song that I love to play day in and day out, then I’ve got a song that quite potentially other people will like as well. I love a lot of the pop acts out their now, not necessarily because they’re the best musicians or the most complex songs, but because they find that hook that allows me as a listener to sing along. That’s what I try to do with my music.

SJ:What kind of place do you practice in? Do you tend to have “open” practices inviting friends and fans or is practice exclusively for the band? How difficult is it to find practice spots in your area?

PD: We have two main practice spots, our drummer’s basement and our drummer’s church. We don’t make open invitations for people to come out, but they are definitely more than welcome to if they ask (though, I guess putting it in this interview kinda makes it an open invitation…haha. So grab your friends and come on out!)

SJ: I hear that via online voting your band won a spot on the Sonshine Festival 2006. What is Sonshine Festival and why do you feel this event is a good fit for your band? What is this event like for people who attend as fans?

PD: Actually, due to some poor communication on Sonshine Festival’s part, we are no longer attending this festival. However, next year we are hoping to land some spots on other festivals, such as Kingdom Bound in New York.

SJ: Where can people go to find out more about your band and the upcoming events you have planned online? What kind of fun media, giveaways and interaction do you have to offer to your fans there currently?

PD: The best places to check up on us are (our official site) and We try to keep both as updated as possible. We’re actually just coming off a three month break where I was touring with a band called Hello Kelly, so we’re going to be coming up with some new things to sort of re-create the buzz. Any suggestions?

SJ: What types of things have you done together as a band that you are especially proud of accomplishing?

PD: I think for us, the thing we are most proud about is how we’ve been able to serve. We did a show back last summer where a couple of girls were raising funds to go for a year to Africa. Just being able to be a part of that and support those sorts of things really make this whole band thing have a real impact.

SJ: As far as upcoming events, what are you looking forward to doing in the future with the band? Are you in the midst of writing new material or booking some new shows or is the band in a short hiatus?

PD: As I said before, we’re just coming off a short hiatus! We are working on some new material, maybe going in a bit of a new, more mature direction musically. We’ve really been inspired by the piano, and hope to incorporate it more as a core instrument in the band. Other than that, just trying to play shows around our area to create some more buzz, and maybe play a show or two in our neighbouring provinces and states.

SJ: Being musicians, what other ways do you get involved in the community musically? How important is it for your band members to share their talents with people in other creative ways?

PD: Many of us play in our home churches, which for each of us is really important. Dave interns at his, and Tyler plays drums for not only his church but also other projects as well. Personally, I’m working on a solo project, an acoustic thing. It can be found at Other than that, like I said before, being able to do fundraising shows and all those sorts of things, really makes doing what we do have a much bigger impact.

SJ: What are your major goals as a band? Are you looking for fame and fortune, or are there other things you feel are more important to accomplish?

PD: As a band, I think we’re just looking to go as far as we possibly can with it. Some of us are in a place where if the chance came along right this moment, we could and would go full-time with it. Others in the band are a little more grounded in terms of school and one member (Kevin) having a wife, so while I know they’d love to do it full-time, it would take a lot more articulate planning and making sure everything was right for everyone and their situations.

SJ: Well, looks like I’ve come to an end of my questions. I want to thank you for your time and wish you the best in all things in the future

PD: Thank You for asking them! If I knew how to make one of those smiley faces on here, there’d be one at the end of this sentence!
- Space Junkies Magazine


About a Fallen World (2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


With a new album on the way, more and more opportunities to play, a re-focused vision, and a slightly altered line-up, one can see why the Kitchener, Ontario based rock band My New Obsession are beginning to see stars. "It's all starting to get a bit crazy" remarks mNo front-man Patrick Dryburgh. "We've gone from being a small worship band based at a bible college to a serious, dedicated rock band really hoping to go somewhere with this." And go somewhere they shall.

Formerly the Pat Dryburgh Band, My New Obsession (which includes Dayve Forneri on Bass and Tyler Martin on drums) has done some serious growing up over the last several months. Not losing sight of what's really important, the band's music has evolved from being strictly God-songs to including songs dealing with life, love, loss, and reconciliation. "I guess I'm beginning to see the world different," says Dryburgh, lyricist for the band. "I still love God, and will do my all to keep that love alive and real. But, now that I'm out of bible college, I'm realizing the world around me in a much different light. It's not an eye-opening as much as it is looking at life from a different perspective."

And it's from a different perspective that the band releases their first eight song CD, titled "About a Fallen World." Retaining much of the worship-filled songs that the band started out with, the album also includes the beginnings of the new perspective of the band. Going from rock-worship tunes such as "Best Friend," declaring loyalty to Jesus Christ, to "Evermore," a quiet, acoustic song of renewal. The CD takes you through many different times in the band member's lives, accumulating both the high-points and low-points, and giving many glimpses to the travels between both.

The release of "About a Fallen World" will mark a great, new beginning for My New Obsession. Be sure to catch them on tour or on their website,


January 2005 - Pat Dryburgh Band forms with Pat, Dayve, and Tyler.

March 13 2005 - pDb's first concert with Joel Geleynse.

April 11 2005 - Begin recording debut CD, "About a Fallen World" with Producer Jeff Muir (RUSH).

September 2005 - Pat Dryburgh Band becomes "My New Obsession"

November 2005 - My New Obsession is joined by guitarist Kevin Forneri

November 25 2005 - release of debut album, "About a Fallen World."

December 22 2005 - Voted by fans to play at 2006 Sonshine Festival in Minnesota