My New Tattoo

My New Tattoo


My New Tattoo is an edgy, melodic rock band from Moncton NB. They combine straight-ahead electric and acoustic guitar riffs and a solid rhythm foundation with lyrical sharpness and distinctive vocals. In a nut shell...a great band to see live!


The demise of one band, gave rise to another. My New Tattoo was reinvented in the fall of 2003. The group hails from Moncton, New Brunswick.

My New Tattoo is an unabashed rock band that makes no apology for creating catchy pop punk licks combined with a planet smashing guitar sound. The band mixes influences from Green Day, The Clash, Billy Idol, Radiohead and the Smashing Pumpkins to inspire their own distinctive sound. The band in simple terms “Rocks hard!”
The unique vocal style of Mike Campbell adds to the edginess of the band and captures the essence of the band with rock anthems like the title track, “It’s just Another Day” and melodic pop ditties such as “My Wildest Dreams”.

The bands 2nd CD, called “It’s Just Another Day”, is a complete departure from their original project “Sweater Girl”, and is true to their rock / punk roots. My New Tattoo has been on C103’s Action Atlantic, CBC local radio, 94.5’s Maritime Disc Drive and the C103’s Indie files. The band has now expanded it’s horizons with it’s latest offering and is poised and ready to capture an allegiance of new fans, along with fulfilling it’s current fan base.

Band line-up: Brian Babineau (Bass, Vocals), Brian Johnson (Guitar, Vocals), George Leahy (Guitar), Kevin MacKinnon (Drums), Michael Campbell (Vocalist)

Story of band name: The last band started as Mysterio. In fact the lead singer, Mike Campbell has a Mysterio tattoo on his upper left arm. The band found out about a group in Toronto had the same name so the thought..... new screwing around with a name someone else already has.
Mike emailed the band about the situation and the word 'lawyer' was mentioned in the email. The band didn’t think they were serious but went thought change might be good. The band was now faced with a new challenge. The band was nameless. After struggling with hundreds of possibilities, Mike and George were out at a bar for a few beers. They continued to try to think of names. Mike turned to George and said "come on George we need a new name so I can get a new tattoo". George looked at Mike and said "hey
what about "My New Tattoo". Well the rest of the night the two went up to people and tried the name out. Everyone liked it. The name was born.


My Wildest Dreams currently receiving airplay on CBC morning show.
Just Another Day CD featured on k94.5 Maritime Disc Drive and on c103's Action Atlantic

Set List

Our typical set list for shows consist of original material along with covers. Some shows have 3 sets with approx 14 songs each set. Other shows have 2 sets with approx 25 songs each. High energy covers such as Green Day, Billy Idol, Smashing Pumpkins, Dandy Warhols...etc