My Ninja Lover

My Ninja Lover


With an anything-goes attitude, My Ninja Lover slice up the various electronica genres to create music with sass, depth and originality.


“If I said that you had a nice katana, would you hold it against me?” Anonymous

My Ninja Lover are as stealthy and sexy as their name suggests. Having emerged from the multifarious music scene of Brisbane, Australia, the trio draw from years of experience, converting past forays into a brand new blend of sultry sonics and brazen beats. Equal parts seductive and vigorous, the MNL sound is a constantly evolving enigma.

While the band might be relatively new on the scene, the individual members are already more than accomplished. Manta Ray and Porl DeVille toured for years as part of nationally acclaimed band Zephyr Timbre, with many a large-scale event under their belt: Big Day Out, Livid, Falls Festival and Homebake to name a few. Porl has also worked with Chris Buckridge in the celebrated 90s outfit Trace Element. Collectively, they have toured with and supported the likes of Jamiroquai, Ben Harper, Michael Franti, Nelly Furtado, Hybrid and Moby.

Blending sensual and melodic sounds into a mix of downbeats, breaks and drum ‘n bass, MNL have been likened to Kosheen, Lamb and Moloko although drawing straight comparisons is an exercise in futility. With femme fatale Manta Ray on vocals, Porl Deville and Chris Buckridge pull the band together with their unique instrumental stylings. The result is an idiosyncratic flow of vocal-driven tracks that set a new direction in electronica. It’s an amazing live experience, but it sounds great on record as well. It’s not for posers; it’s for music lovers.

From the get go the band started at a sprint, carving out a niche for their new identity. After they were voted the winner of the 2004 Nokia Connecting Beats competition for the standout track 2 x 2, they were whisked away to London with a mastered demo. This debut EP, dubbed Silk and Daggers, would go on to achieve local success, being added to national radio station Triple J, reaching #2 on the iTunes Electronica chart, and also winning the Q Music award for its single, Tin Cat.

My Ninja Lover are intent on furthering their musical grip beyond the sunny shores of Australia. Chris Buckridge, now a stealth member, has set up a sister studio in Amsterdam, a prime position to both influence and be influenced by the most forward thinking of music makers.

As a live act, My Ninja Lover are simply magnetic. Their energetic sets have made them highly sought after on a global level and as such, they’ve played alongside both local and international piers including Crazy Penis, Pendulum, The Drummatic Twins, Pepe Deluxe and Kosheen. Keeping their shows vibrant and fresh, they continue to collaborate with different guest musicians, meaning no two performances are ever the same.

Right now, Ninja things are steadily on the rise. What is certain is that a set of 2 X 2 remixes (featuring reinterpretations from Tommy Trash, Scott Hopkins and Jono Fernandez) and a new follow-up EP will be released in 2007. So keep yourself ready for more beats, more breaks, more collaboration and more sass and sexiness from Australia’s most dangerous new band…


2 X 2

Written By: My Ninja Lover (Olditch/Buckridge/Olditch)

I’ll meet you in another time…
Two by two as the white noise fills my ability to be a conduit, a secret passing where the walls give in.

A crack in space, a burning star
A single face, a million light years too far…here we are

A meeting in a nebula – fortitude that is never seen by humanity, but we can only try and deepen feelings when the lights give in.

A blackened shape, a yearning cry. I must wait, the calling is my true heart…here we are.

Fast Lane

Written By: My Ninja Lover (Olditch/Buckridge/Olditch)

Break now, like water crashing down

Forcing the cycle to begin again

Brave sound immortal in it's own

Torching the light of incandescent seeing

Speak loud - a voice to shout your name

Resonate within the house of atmosphere

Wake now, like new life in the rain

Breathe in now, you are the form of your transmission

Why do we seem to wait?

Why do we need to wait?

Why does it seem to late?


Written By: My Ninja Lover (Olditch/Buckridge/Olditch)

You are light among the living,

Strong in sight flow like a river

I've been telling you... for the longest time
And now you're coming through - back into the light.

I believe in you.

Something you said to me, I keep it so close to me... I believe

Now that the love is finding it's way back into your heart... I believe

Flow like... flow like a river.


Terminal 9 Connecting Beats (Compilation)
[Nokia 2004]

13 :: 2 X 2 (Demo Version)


Silk and Daggers (EP)
[Creative Vibes 2005]

1 :: Shudder
2 :: 2 X 2
3 :: Tin Cat
4 :: A Day Off
5 :: Shudder (‘Scuffs Techtonic Mix)
6 :: 2 X 2 (Qubism Remix)


Bar Secrets: Secret Sounds (Compilation)
[Level Two Music 2006]

15 :: A Day Off


2 X 2 Remixed (EP)
[To be released]

1 :: 2 X 2 (Original)
2 :: 2 X 2 (Tommy Trash Remix)
3 :: 2 X 2 (Jono Fernandez Remix)
4 :: 2 X 2 (Scott Hopkins Remix)

Set List

-Tin Cat
-2 X 2
-A Day Off
-Fast Lane
-From The Get-Go
-Concrete Block
-A New Code
-Teen Landing
-Jet Lag
-Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode Cover)
-Crazy Arse
-Mirror Box
-Halflight Fades