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This brother right here has definitely been through it all.  From operations underneath the occult, "Mynista" is now preaching to the masses through his undeniable faith in Christ. I got the chance to catch up with Mynista to get his story while he was transitioning from CityTampa to placeCitySt. Louis and I tell ya, he's no joke! He lives what he preaches and you will know just by experiencing a piece of his spirit through his musical form. I truly hope you all are blessed by it! Hmmm....I sure was!

Porscha: Most people don't know that you started in the secular rap industry. You went from Synista to Mynista/Docta Wuzdead.  Who is both "Mynista" and "Docta Wuzdead"?  And how did you come from preaching death to preaching life?

Mynista: Yeah.....I use to be a secular rapper, and I went by the name "Synista". I'm not what you call a "Churched" individual....I didn't grow up in the Church....It was straight street for me, my dad and my grandpops were both nightclub owners....they owned two different night clubs on the same strip! (CityGreenwood ave. in placeCityClearwater, StateFL) so that's the way I grew up...the "Night Life" (life without Jesus Christ) was all I knew. My moms was a crack addict, alcoholic, all of that....I ended up in a lot of trouble with the law, committing armed robberies and things like that....I've been in the juvenile system....Probation....House arrest.... County Jail....Bootcamp....All of that.....I also Use to be the "Weed" man....bought and sold pounds of that poison....Ran with Guns....etc, etc....Thug Life.

The way I got saved was straight supernatural. I had heard Tupac Shakur in a song called "Smile" talking about selling his soul to the devil in exchange for fortune and fame....I heard Snoop Dogg say the same thing on a song called "Murda' Was The Case"....but it was only words to me because I was lost at the time...well to make a long story short....the people that I was in a secular rap group with were literally doing the same thing....they were (Still are) in the occult....and sold their souls (Minds, Will, and Emotions) to the devil in exchange for whatever they want....even a lil' "Hood Fame". One night we were all in the studio....and demons started speaking audibly through them asking me to sell my soul....telling me to make my choice. Now, like I said....I wasn't raised in Church....but I had been to Church.....and I had my questions about God I then knew if demons were real....then God was real also...So I started repenting the best that I could....apologizing to God for all of my Sin. All of the people left...and I was like....What am I going to do? So the first thing that came to my mind was suicide. I was like....I aint selling my soul....I'm just gonna kill myself! So I went and got my sawed off Shotgun from up under my mattress....Got in my car, and started to drive to the place that I was gonna do it at. But then something said (I know it was Holy Spirit now) you need to go to your mom's house....I went to her house....told her what was happening to me, and she said "Boy you better Pray!"....she handed me the bible opened up to the 23rd Psalm.....and I took it into a on my knees, and asked Jesus to save my soul. That was in July of 1999. It's been on ever since then! I Love Him.

He told me to Turn my "S" into an "M"....making my name Mynista instead of Synista....and that simply means "servant"....I'm His He's throwing a party....and I'm serving His guests drinks and stuff.....His Holy Spirit....His Word. Docta Wuzdead is just an alias I go by....cause I Was dead spiritualy, and now I'm alive in Jesus Christ.

Porscha: I hear that so many people are feeling your track titled "Buck Boy", including myself.  BANANAS!  What's the moral of this song for those that may have never heard it?

Mynista: Yeah, that song is from my free album "Bloody Streets 2: The Devil's Adversary". It's basically part of my testimony on how I had to "Buck" on the devil....and me encouraging people that's trapped in that street life to do the same...."BUCK BOY!!"

Porscha: I heared that there was a woman that was healed after seeing you perform. What actually happened at that show that night?

Mynista: Well actually...I see alot of people healed physically through this ministry....cause that's actually half of the Gospel! The Gospel preached without preaching healing is incomplete....that's why Jesus did what He did when He was here...Jesus was the Word of God in action, and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever...and He's doing the same thing through me....and through "Those that believe" in His Body...NOW, TODAY! He's still forgiving Sin, and He's still healing.

The particular case that you are talking about, a lady had an eye problem or something like that...she had been in pain for like a little over a year. When I was "ministering" my song "All Is Well"....she felt a warmth over her eye (God's Anointing), and th - PORSHA


All albums listed are presented by Warria Records:

Mynista: Blood Covered 2000
Da' Cipes: Triple Seven 2001
Wealth of da' Wicked Compilation 2002
Mynista: Ghetto Grace 2003
Bloody Streets Vol. 1 2004
Da Ghetto Shepherd 2005
Signs, Miracles, and Wonders 2007



MYNISTA a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead used to be known only as "Synista". Back then, he lived the street life that most secular rappers glorify today, including drugs, women, and inevitable run-ins with the law. MYNISTA began rapping professionally in 1996 as the lead rapper of a Tampa Bay clique that was quickly gaining popularity. During this time, he sold marijuana in order to finance the party life that came along with the "hood fame" he had attained as "Synista". "At that time, I didn't know that the lifestyle I was living was a life separated from God," says MYNISTA.

One night in 1999 while in his home studio, MYNISTA was approached by demonic spirits asking him to sell his soul in exchange for fortune and fame. "I heard people that I rapped with saying they were selling their souls on some of the songs we made, and I even heard Tupac* and Snoop Dogg* say the same thing on some of their songs. But I was lost at the time," explains MYNISTA. Confused and not wanting to sell his soul, he thought that suicide was his only option. He got his sawed-off shotgun and was headed to the beach to kill himself when suddenly he felt that he should go to his mom's house instead. After he arrived, he told her everything that was happening, and even though she wasn't exactly living for God at the time, she knew what MYNISTA needed to do. She told him that he should pray! She brought him a Bible and opened it up to the 23rd Psalm. MYNISTA got on his knees and asked Jesus to become his Lord and Savior. Within seven days, he was baptized in the Holy Spirit and completely free! The demonic voices that were tormenting him left, he flushed all of his weed down the toilet, threw away his gun, and was completely delivered from alcoholism. But it didn't stop there.

As MYNISTA began seeking God through prayer, fasting, and studying His Word, the Holy Spirit began showing him the call on his life. He had no intentions of returning to the microphone, but God had other plans. Being obedient to the Holy Spirit, MYNISTA changed the "S" into an "M" and began his journey as a minister of life instead of a minister of death.

Even though MYNISTA was delivered from the street life, his ministry is not only limited to "street ministry". He walks in the office of a prophet, flows in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, exhorts and edifies the body of Christ, and does the work of an evangelist. As he ministers, signs, miracles, and wonders follow. With an extraordinary testimony and giving God all of the glory, MYNISTA is working hard to bring the hope only found in Jesus to a hopeless and dying world.

*He is referring to the songs entitled "Smile," "Fight Music," and "Good Life" by Tupac, and the song entitled "Murda Was the Case" by Snoop Dogg.