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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Mynuskris - Stone Pony"

Mynuskris Review - Asbury Music Press
It had been almost a year since I had been to the Stone Pony, and
forgotten how much I loved the place! It was October. It was cold, and Echo and the Bunnymen commanded the stage at the Pony sounding vast and as powerful as they did 20 years ago, if not better. After their show, I was sitting in the side bar chatting with Will Sergeant and some of the other Bunnymen, when this band started playing. Will and I both looked at each other and I could tell by the look on his face he was thinking the same thing I was: "This band (Mynuskris) is really good". After a few songs, we all got up and moved to the other bar closer to the stage. Ian McCulloch, having realized the same thing we did, had already beaten us there. At one point, in between songs, he even went up and shook the singer's hand and complimented on how good they were. For those of you familiar with Echo and the Bunnymen and their music, then you would know that is a HUGE compliment, especially coming from Ian McCulloch, who is by far one of the greatest singers of all time in one of
the most dynamic influential bands ever to grace a stage! Mynuskris (pronounced "minus-kris") played like a group of veterans, well aware of who was in the audience that night.
Their sound? A dreamy, electric landscape of driving bass (Derek),
effect saturated guitars (Rocco), haunted vocals (Gregg), inventive programming and samples (Ben). The kind of music you want to listen to curled up in your bed, in the dark, alone and really loud. I felt blanketed by their sound and was instantly reminded of bands such as The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Deftones, but different, completely original, with their own style and unlike any band I like. And just when I did not think it was possible to love this band anymore, Gregg, crouched down on the floor, angelically singing into his mic: "And me I am your dagger, you know I am your wound, I thought I heard you whisper, it happens all the time" from the Slowdive song "Dagger". I was beyond impressed by their performance.
If you are someone who likes your music with a little bit more depth,
then do yourself a favor and check out Mynuskris the next time they play live. Even if it's not you cup of tea, this band is tight and put on a powerful live show. - Natalie Gils

"GRock Radio 106.3 NJ"

"One of the best bands to emerge from New Jersey's underground ever. A powerful live show and sound that duplicates no other." - Mike Merril

"Local band begins to leave their mark"

"...mynuskris is well rehersed and play their tracks with a consistent technical performance...a qulaity super important to their ambient sound" - Tom Osbourne - Night and Day magazine


Mynuskris - Self-titled
1. recorder
2. only sometimes
3. a pony named blizzard
4. siamese eyes
5. i sing the body electric
6. (destination lane)
7. thirty-seven
8. bluu
9. dive
10. (wake)
11. stare
12. will melt
13. before

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Singles: a pony named blizzard, dive, before

Cd and merch available at: , CDBaby, Band Mecca and also available for Itunes


Feeling a bit camera shy


Several characteristics of Mynuskris that distinguish the band from others would be, foremost, the incorporation of live, manually triggered beat and sample programming rather than a conventional 5-piece drum set. Ben Gualano’s ability to manually trigger every beat and sample during a live performance, allows the band to jam freely without the restriction of a single, pre-set program- as is commonly used in many electronic bands. Bassist Derek Brantley, influenced across the musical spectrum from classical and jazz to rock and hip-hop, achieves a smooth and driving bass sound that fuses with Ben’s progressive beats to produce an underlying dynamic rhythm section. Singer Gregg Pirillo’s melodic vocals flourish hauntingly, as if creating another instrument, and his effect driven “sound on sound” guitar style combine to form a cacophony of musical sound. Armed with an arsenal of guitars and effect pedals, guitarist Rocco Venezia applies his own unique blues and rock inspired rhythm and lead guitar technique, combined with delays, choruses and distortion, to complete the sound and music of Mynuskris.