My October

My October

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

My October is a hard working group of talented musicians, steadily touring Ontario and Michigan for the past few years, supporting National Acts, building a solid following, promoting thier album, and establishing a reputation for catchy songs, and exiting, high energy live shows.


My October came together in 2004. That, and the following year was spent honing thier skills and recording their debut album at Indebasement Records with Jimmy Graham. This is where the band spent most of their time. Lyricist Steve Campeau had a bunch of ideas in mind, and congregated the talents of drummer Mark Rivard, and the raw vocal power of Mike Cullen to aid him in his quest. With the addition of Jay Ruggaber on bass the year after, the much anticipated debut album was released to the public in August of 2006.
Over the next few years they went on their way to perform in a plethora of venues, meeting new bands and agencies, and most of all, getting the CD out to the masses. Somewhere along the line, this group of musicians realized that they were more than a group of friends playing songs at a bar. They were quickly becoming a well oiled machine. Thanks to the constant live performances at various venues, each member of My October is able to perform as one, producing a truly syncronized sound that is difficult to match for a band in this early stage of thier career.
Fast forward to two years later, and their accomplishments, when seen fleshed out in full, seem like that of a band that has been around for over a decade. Successful openings for Theory of A Deadman, Marianas Trench, Social Code, Skid Row, Ashes of Soma, Neverending White Lights, Brown Brigade, Lukas Rossi, and many more helped them fund a complete touring schedule for the spring/summer of 2007, and that string of shows proved them worthy of being on the road for lengths at a time.
Meetings with representatives from Sony, BMG, and Roadrunner Records were also very productive, with scouts praising the stage presence, energy, and goosebump-inducing harmonies of My October.
After the successful splendor that was 2007, the boys of My October plan to truly outdo themselves for 2008.
Armed with new gear, new songs, and an all around passion for their music, expect to see some top notch performances this year. The boys expect to head back to all their favourite places in Ontario – including Toronto, Barrie, Burlington, London, Chatham, and of course, their hometown of Windsor.
So far for My October in 2008, they have been busy writing and working on pre-production for the next album. Their newest songs are now complete, and they have been rockin the socks off of all who attend their shows. This, matched with high energy, catchy tunes, and an overall eagerness to succeed makes My October a prime candidate for success.
They have added new, complete, and original songs to their set list, and are currently looking for management/booking agents to work with to assist them in expanding thier fanbase – from the beginning, they have booked ALL their own shows through MySpace, email, and phone.

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RADIO: "Hung Me Out to Dry", "End of Me" and "Pizza and Water" has been featured on:
The Rock 95.1 FM in Windsor/ Chatham,
The Wolf 101.5 FM in Peterborough,
CHYR 96.7 FM in Leamington,
CJAM 91.5 FM in Windsor
Live 365 Internet Radio/ The Church Basement
Radio XXX

TV Appearances:
ACHANNEL Morning News in London; My October performed "Hung Me Out To Dry" Live.


Dark Skies

Written By: Steve Campeau

Some of the things I say or do
Make you think I'm not in love with you
So I'm going to set the record straight
So listen to what i have to say

When its dark in this world you are the light in my eyes
You'll always be the only one to clear away these dark skies

When I look at you guess what I see
A girl filled with insecurities
I'm not gonna let you down
I'm not the kinda guy that fucks around

Just because I look at other girls too
Doesn't change the way I feel about you
You're the one that makes me tingle inside
But your a mother fucking rollercoaster ride

My Girlfriend's X

Written By: Steve Campeau

All the time I spent with you
I always felt like I had someone to talk to
We'd be on the phone and you would tell me why
I don't have to worry about that other guy
You would always say time and again
That he is only a good friend
And now I wonder what I'd do
If i saw him and he was with you

I thought that what you said was true
That i was the only one for you
How could you make me feel this way
I'm more confused than yesterday
What about everything we discussed
You'll have to chose one of us
I always thought that you'd choose me

For a while I thought you cared
For a while I was unaware
Of the ex-boyfriend who still loved you
Because if I knew that I would have thought this through
I know your smile is what I'll miss
The way we laughed at our first kiss
And now I'm afraid of what I'd say
I would kick his ass if I saw him today


The 11 song debut self titled album was released August 10th, 2006 by Indebasement Records. We are currently working on pre-production for the second album which will be completed in 2008.

Set List

Generally, we stick to a set of songs from the debut album, new material, along with a handful of cover songs mixed in.

*We also perform an accoustic set

Album Songs:
Time Brings Change
Hung Me Out to Dry
Asking Myself Why
Dark Skies
Girlfriends X
Pizza & Water
Tired of Running
End of Me
What Did You Do?
Highschool Football

New Original Songs:
You and Me
My World
Crystal Clear
Its Alright

Cover Songs:
Dance Dance - Fall Out Boy
All These Things That I've Done - The Killers
When You Were Young - The Killers
Pure Imagination - Willy Wanka
1979 - Smashing Pumpkins
Good - Better Than Ezra
Feelin This - Blink 182
Dammit - Blink 182
Asshole - Denis Leary
A Praise Chorus - Jimmy Eat World
Chick Magnet - MXPX
Keep Fishin - Weezer
Take on Me - Aha
Laid - James
Clumsy - Our Lady Peace