My Ohio

My Ohio


My Ohio is the product of Dan Ashbridge's desire to craft simple, honest lo-fi folk rock from the comfort of his own living room.


My Ohio started out as a live singer/songwriter
acoustic guitar project. It was my way of presenting
musical stories in the vein of Donovan or Nick Drake.
Once I began to record the material, the music grew,
taking on more of a "band" sound, and incorporated
my love of Pavement, Bob Dylan, Neutral Milk Hotel
the Mountain Goats, among others. I write simple,
honest story songs with a lo-fi indie-folk sound.


My Ohio (s/t), self released (2004)

Set List

I generally play from 30 minutes to an hour.
Typical setlist of originals:
1. Story Song
2. She Will Be Here
3. Ohio
4. Delta Gamma
5. To Be Outside
6. Barstool
7. Light
8. This Archery
9. Elephants
10. Semester in Wales
11. Don't Know Where I'm Going...

I also frequently perform covers by:

Velvet Underground
Built to Spill
Carly Simon
Bright Eyes
Neutral Milk Hotel
Elliott Smith
the Zombies